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Oct 28, 2005 11:26 AM

Stratengers - Queen East

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any opinions? recommendations?

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  1. Looks a little scary!

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    1. re: Hmmm

      But Good CHEAP bar food & drinks.. had a few afternoons on their patio in the summer.. as I remember they have 3 menus bar, mexican & indian I think... nothing gourmet but good value

      1. re: Hmmm

        Have you no adventure in your soul? Strats is not the least bit scary, but it is decidedly odd. They have a wood burning pizza oven, and actually make a great thin crust pizza with a good variety of choices. They also have an Indian menu (I mostly have a sweet curry) and then they have a really wide ranging menu. Add weekend brunches to this and Voila!
        Obviously, some things are better than others, but I think you can't go wrong with their pizzas. The best part is, if you really hate it,it was cheap!!!

        1. re: Leslieville

          Actually the patrons can get rather questionable at times. The food is ok (pizza, indian) but it's one of the last remaining places for the SOQ (South of Queen) locals. Damn fugly at times, indeed.

          Honestly I hope he sells the joint to someone that can turn it around.

          1. re: BeeRich

            Strat's clientele isn't all that bad if you eat indoors, away from the smokers/SOQs. The patio is usually okay during the day. It is, indeed, quite weird, but definitely not scary.

            I haven't been there for a couple of years, but - at that time - the pizza and the Indian food were really quite good. (Don't order anything else !) They have been more consistent over time than most of the newer, upscale restos.

            Several years ago, he tried to turn the southwest corner of the place into a somewhat upmarket Indian restaurant, but it was always empty.

            I don't know whether he owns the building, but I can't imagine a major reno there given current conditions. It's much too big.

            For the full South Riverdale experience, Tasty Chicken House, Queens Cafe, and Teddy's Sports Bar win hands down.

        2. re: Hmmm

          This strip of Queen E is not yet gentrified or trendy.I hope it stays that way

          1. re: Maureen

            Tomi Kro, Kubo Radio, etc.. trendy & getting gentrified

            1. re: ???

              Gentrified? I hope so... any thing to get rid of the crack dens and thethat operate as greasy spoons in the neighborhood, i.e queen and pape and several un- reputable spots along the strip.The city inspectors and police should get tough with these places and the people that frequent them.Any thing to better the area is fine by me.I live here. As for Stat's , Darham and Anil operate a very consistent place,i.e good cheap food and drink. Hey where can one go for a decent curry and a pint of Boddingtons at midnight and follow up with some killer natchos in the neighborhood?Then follow up the next morning with a cheap brunch .

              1. re: Rensta

                Yes! I live at Queen and Leslie. I do agree that there are too many slimeballs skulking in the neighbourhood! Some of the bars around there are, well, let's say, they are nasty!

                Strat's has been my watering hole for 4 years now. Kinda like a place I call home. Food is great, especially the Pizza and Indian food.

                Have recommended it to many!



              2. re: ???

                Of course there are a few spots. That's why it's even under discussion on the board.
                I was thinking of,(but didn't mention) the other stretch of Queen at the west end and the far east end.There is no comparison to those areas. Queen E is still pretty rough,though more "civilized" places are cropping up all the time.

                1. re: Maureen

                  Went there recently. It does look ghetto on the outside but they have good pizza made in a wood burning oven for the few times I have gone there. They make their crust thin but soft. I don't normally eat the crust because the ones that I have are usually too thick and dry. The crust almost taste like nan bread...yummy. For the few times I have gone, I regret sitting in the patio because a ton of people smoke in the patio. My friend loves the Indian food there. I tried a few times and thought it was okay. I'd rather eat the pizza.