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where do cops eat?

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Do folks know where Toronto's finest like to eat?

I've heard California Sandwiches, Hong Fatt...


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  1. I know that some cops at 55 Division eat at British Fish and Chips at Dundas and Coxwell, and the Famous in Little India.

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      Burrito Boyz on Peter north of King!!!!!

      Just like the firefighters, cabdrivers, construction workers, clubbers, eye magazine staff - and me!

    2. Tim Hortons (probably because Vinnie told them not to go to Barbarians) :-)

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        And Hooters (because of the chicken wings......! Ya right. :-)

      2. The Canary on Front St. East.

        1. kim jug yuen,spadina and cecil

          1. Goldstone on Spadina. Yueh Tuen at Elizabeth and Dundas.

            1. Hey, galabouttown, do you report for the CBC? :)))

              1. Kom Jug Yuen - 371 Spadina Ave (at Cecil)
                California Sandwiches - 244 Claremont St.
                Golden Star Restaurant - 7123 Yonge St., Thornhill
                Apache Burger - 5236 Dundas St. W.

                1. Bistros on Avenue (a St. Louis restaurant)

                  1. Happy 7, on Spadina.