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Oct 20, 2005 11:02 AM

George Bigliardi's Dining Lounge

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Has anyone here eaten at the above establishment? If so please let me know how you found the experience.

Much appreciated!

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  1. It's an old fashioned steak house. If that is your thing go for it. It is (meat quality and price wise) similar to Barbarians. Barbarians got slammed by some posters (a little down the board) as being an overpriced mediocre joint but I always have had a great steak there and so did I at George's. Just don't do dessert in those places. If you have a sweet tooth go elsewhere after your dinner. fatboy44

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      Stay away -- too many better places to spend your money and evenings

    2. More of an "Old Boy's" establishment.

      1. Oh no! I will never step foot in there ever again. The place is like a time-warp of somekind. The food was not worth it's price and to top all shocks of shock we were charged $7.50 for an orange juice (no alcohol) with ice! Extremely overpriced for what they offer. I would rather drop my money elsewhere. Wont get fooled again!

        1. Also be aware that this restaurant houses an Off Track Betting salon - so you may be treated to the sounds of people yelling at horses on screens.

          This also seems to be the only section of the restaurant that attracts business...

          1. My friend and I visited Bigliardi's on Friday night and it was fantastic. It was like stepping back into time and we liked it. We took the subway and walked past Maple Leaf Gardens on the way to the restaurant. So sad to see MLG in the state it's in right now, the ACC will never ever have the same ambiance and feel of MLG. We arrived at Bigliardi's and were immediately seated. We quickly noted we were one of only 3 tables occupied in the restaurant, sad to see for a Friday night. The room is unmistakably old school and that is part of the charm, a nice contrast to the cold surroundings of places like Hy's. Service was, as would be expected, wonderful for the entire evening. We each started with a cocktail (Dirty Martin and Scotch on the rocks) and decided to split a bottle of wine with our meal. The wine list is simple but we got a bottle of Woodbridge Cabernet for 40 bucks, which was reasonable compared to the wine list at other Toronto steakhouses. We each started with a caesar salad and were also treated to complimentary garlic bread and pickles which were fantastic. For mains, I ordered what was billed as a Prime Rib Steak (it was a Cowboy rib-eye with the bone on) and my friend went with the New York Strip. The meat was billed on the menu as certified Angus with no mention of USDA or Canadian grading which initially made me nervous. However, after one bite grading no longer mattered... the steak was great. Thinner than what you get a Ruth's Chris or Morton's but tender, juicy and cooked exactly as ordered..rare. My friend enjoyed his Strip as well but I think the Rib Steak is Bigliardi's signature. We finished off with dessert coffee's and then were visited by George Bigliardi himself. He was a really nice man and we enjoyed chatting with him about the restaurant, The Leafs and his wall of celebrity photo's which he gave his personal story to. You simply don't get that at a place like Morton's or Hy's or Ruth's Chris. It was a great dining experience and I encourage you all to give it a try. I am puzzled by some of the negative reviews in this thread. For 186 bucks for 2, it was a great value and I hope it stays open for some time to come. As far as the off track betting goes, if it was going on while we were there... I didn't notice it at all.

            On Sunday, I ended up at Ruth's Chris for a birthday celebration. This was my first time at Ruth's as well and eating at Bigliardi's on Sunday and Ruth's on Sunday gave me a chance for a back to back comparison. While Ruth's was very good in terms of food and service.... Bigliardi's was that much better IMO. It is also better than Hy's or the Keg by a country mile. Probably better than Barberian's as well and I put it on the same page as Carman's which I really liked as well. The restaurant is well priced for a Toronto steakhouse and has a history and charm that chain restaurants and modern steakhouses can't compete with.

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              I agree with the above positive posts. I used to go to Bigliardi's as a kid before the hockey games, and my jaw would drop at the old-school steakhouseness of it all. It is one of the few steakhouses in toronto that maintains that charm (others include Barberians, Carmens, etc.). I went back about a year ago, and while it probably is not as good as it once was, it is still a good tier 2 steakhouse. It is below Harbor 60 and Morton's but better than Hy's. The old-schoolness is still there. It is classic. A true time warp. Also great pickles.