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Butterscotch Pie

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I recently returned from a road trip to the Maritimes where we stopped in at the fabulous Irving Big Stops along the way. One of the deserts I had, in New Brunswick, was a fabulous, melt-in-your-mouth butterscotch pie! I have never seen this type of pie in Toronto. Do we have it and, if so, where would you reccomend it be purchased? Thanks!

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  1. I am most interested in Butterscotch pies too!! I remember the ones from the Irving stations very well! Are there any such pies to be had in the G.T.A.?

    1. There is a little tea room in Almonte Ontario, called, the Tea Room, it was the only time Ive ever seen a butterscotch pie, and it was memorable, not close to TO, but hey, if you made it to NB...

      1. Almonte, Ontario may make a nice summertime drive! Thanks for your reply.

        1. Wow. Butterscotch pie. The best one comes from my Ma'Tante Catherine's oven in Charlo, New Brunswick. I haven't found anything comparable in Toronto... or the rest of the world!

          1. Crawford's in Norval makes butterscotch pie. I don't know how "authentic" they are and I am not sure whether they make it all year round so call first. Norval is also a great place for Lucy Maude Montgomery junkies--it's between Brampton and Georgetown, just east of Winston Churchill.

            Crawford's Bakery
            2809 Hwy 7 West
            Telephone: (905) 451-0347

            1. Sounds like another road trip! Thank you all for your replies!!

              1. Crawfords’s between Brampton and Georgetown on Hwy 7 just a little west of Mississauga Rd. Crawfords has the best pie no contest in the surrounding GTA and they do Butterscotch pies throughout the year but not regularly, and they are authentic and awesome. You have to call ahead to see when they will be making (905) 451-0347. Regularly they have cream pies and fruit pies.


                1. Here is a recipe for butterscotch pie. I got this from my Mother her was born and raised in Halifax. As a treat I make it every Christmas for my family. Enjoy