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Oct 19, 2005 07:59 PM

Butterscotch Pie

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I recently returned from a road trip to the Maritimes where we stopped in at the fabulous Irving Big Stops along the way. One of the deserts I had, in New Brunswick, was a fabulous, melt-in-your-mouth butterscotch pie! I have never seen this type of pie in Toronto. Do we have it and, if so, where would you reccomend it be purchased? Thanks!

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  1. I am most interested in Butterscotch pies too!! I remember the ones from the Irving stations very well! Are there any such pies to be had in the G.T.A.?

    1. There is a little tea room in Almonte Ontario, called, the Tea Room, it was the only time Ive ever seen a butterscotch pie, and it was memorable, not close to TO, but hey, if you made it to NB...

      1. Almonte, Ontario may make a nice summertime drive! Thanks for your reply.

        1. Wow. Butterscotch pie. The best one comes from my Ma'Tante Catherine's oven in Charlo, New Brunswick. I haven't found anything comparable in Toronto... or the rest of the world!

          1. Crawford's in Norval makes butterscotch pie. I don't know how "authentic" they are and I am not sure whether they make it all year round so call first. Norval is also a great place for Lucy Maude Montgomery junkies--it's between Brampton and Georgetown, just east of Winston Churchill.

            Crawford's Bakery
            2809 Hwy 7 West
            Telephone: (905) 451-0347