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Oct 17, 2005 10:17 PM

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

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I'm looking for an Indian buffet here... a dinner one though, which is seemingly very difficult to find. Any recommendations?


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  1. I went to a place called "Bahara" just a little south on Yonge by Bloor... reasonable food, prices, and good service.

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    1. re: jayseeca

      I would second the vote for Banjara. It has been around for a few decades, has decent service and great food that won't break the bank.



      1. re: Mike M

        Gotta say no to Banjara. Had to beg for cutlery last weekend and most of the steam trays were empty and not refilled with any regularity. It was not worth the $16.95 for the crappy buffet.

        1. re: Mike M

          I think Banjara has closed down.

          1. re: n10sity

            It's resurfaced just west of Christie Pits on Bloor. It moved into what was "Mark's Steak Queen", which served up a killer burger. Apparantly they want to keep the burgers, fries and steak sandwiches and offer their Indian food as well...

      2. I've been happy with The Famous, and Siddhartha on Gerrard East in Little India. The former is $9.99 for dinner, and the latter, $12.99 or $13.99.

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        1. re: jill

          Agree on the sidhartha rec for India town - another option that has evening buffet is Indian Flavour on Bay near is OK not superb, but its downtown and it has a buffet. Agree with the comments about KAMA not being that plez an experience on the service side - plus its on the theatre/tourist circuit so you get the line ups and waiters galncing at watches and huffing and puffing.

          1. re: ministerofkebab

            i third sidhartha in little india. . . . . yummmy and not too expense. . . . Definately worth it.

        2. Kama (king & simcoe)

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          1. re: Davey

            I'd have to disagree on this one. While they are the only dinner buffet that I can think of in the downtown core, the food is really quite bad, even for a buffet. The curries are watery and bland as a result. The naan is soggy. Service is pushy (I'm sure I don't want a mango lassi for the tenth time tonight). Not a good experience at all.

            1. re: Davey

              Kama's food is adequately Indian. The location of this restaurant dictates the price, I suppose. It wasn't worth the money.

            2. I second the vote for Indian Flavour in the Atrium on Bay.. it's not spectacular but it is good.. also there is a place at Bay and College on the south west side.. can't remember the name... pretty good too.

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              1. re: Bron

                the one at Bay just south of college is Sangaam - pretty good for buffet- on a par with Indian Flavour - not earth-shattering but good. A fave with the UofT is however way better than woodlands on college which is crappy, though another option is the place on baldwin - aaaaargh forget the name. Anyway - there is only one - the indian place on Baldwin is fairly good for buffet lunch - food is OK - decor is better than sangam. The Baldwin place is a fave of friends of mine who work at Mt Sinai.

                1. re: ministerofkebab

                  I believe, but am not absolutely positive, that Sangam closed last year.

                  What about Trimurti on Queen West?

                  1. re: Jane

                    Trimurti on Queen West is one of my favourite Indian restaurants in the city. It does not have a dinner buffet, however.

                    As for the Indian place on Baldwin that a previous poster mentioned, it's named Jodpur, I believe. I'm not a fan of their food though. Bland.

                    1. re: Juniper

                      Jodpur is OK for supper when it is a set menu -- their lunch buffet is the pits.

              2. I'm a big fan of Saffron Tree for lunch buffet. It's at Gerrard and Elizabeth.

                They only serve a la carte in the evenings though, so if you're looking for dinner buffet this isn't the place for you...