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Bonjour Brioche-snotty service

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Gee they got the whole French thing down , right down to the snotty gallic service. I counted six people behind the counter on Friday and being the only person in line waited way too long.Not even a smile or "I'll be with you in a second", just rude , rude service. I'll go to Rose's Vietnamese cafe any day, two ladies behind the counter, regardles how busy it is ,smile and laugh, coffee that rules and the best sandwiches in the city.They kick butt(Diem Biem Phu!) Bye Bye Brioche ...you guys stink.

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  1. I agree, where is this Rose's joint you speak of?

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      Rose's is a busy little Vietnamese joint on Broadview, south of Gerrard. Great Viet style subs, try the b.b.q pork ones, iced coffee and pretty good greasy spring rolls. It's decor ig pretty ghetto but the quality and atmosphere is authentic.Roses makes her own crusty rolls for the sandwiches, just dont eat them in your car. As a culinary professional (and a Frenchman!)I recommend it.

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        I totally agree with you. I go there now and expect very little service like a self service gas joint.

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          I remember passing by Rose's once, I only had a can of Vietnamese iced coffee, but their foods looked so good.

      2. An alternative for buttery croissants, pastries and dust-the-table-of-breadcrumbs-after-you-eat French baguettes is Zane's further east on Queen street (just before Woodbine). I can't remember if they make brioches or not.

        For delectable pies, I've had wonderful luck and great service from Attitude bakery on Queen Street (closer to Greenwood, I think). They also carry some of that sinful St. John's breads.

        1. I too agree with the attitude problem. However, I am so enamored of their croissants,that I bite the bullet and grab some for takeout once in a while.
          Rose's is great and really affordable.
          FYI, if you're looking for an address or phone number, you should know that the "Attitude" bakery mentioned by previous poster is actually Altitude.

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            Ooops. My bad. I used to call it Attitude when the other owners ran it (I got berated once for buying two dozen croissants for a brunch: "You knew about this and you didn't call ahead of time?! What am I supposed to do now that you're buying all my croissants? It will take me a few hours to make some more! I cannot let you buy them all!" -- you get the message). Great stuff but the 'tude was a problem.

            I think there's been a management turnover because the service at the front seems much friendlier the last time I stopped by for my sticky bun fix.

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              Altitude makes the most fabulous banana cream pies -- rich and delectable without being sweet or cloying. They also do a kick-ass sour cherry pie. The pastry on both pies is outstanding. And, amazingly, their mini pies are unbelievably cheap, esp. considering they use top-notch ingredients.

          2. Thank You I so agree!! I was there for brunch and everyone was so not happy! I wouldn't call their service rude or snotty, they just don't put one ounce of effort into it! Does anyone no what is up with that? Someone must know someone who works there, is the managment bad or something?

            1. I was just there for lunch yesterday and the service was fine. My companion has multiple food allergies, and the waiter was quite happy to check with the kitchen staff about any possible problems with the items she ordered. Maybe I just got a good waiter on a good day!

              1. I'm bringing back this thread from the dead to say - I was at BB yesterday and they were NICE. I have complained about their snottiness, as have others obviously, here on CH before. But yesterday the woman behind the counter was extremely pleasant both with me and the person in front of me.

                Just wanna give credit where it's due. And in that spirit - their croissants are my favourite in the whole city, even better than Celestin IMO. Small and buttery and tender and perfect, mmmm...

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                  i'm sorry but i just have to say that I think it's a very sad thing that we have to post and give credit for a server being "nice" to 2 customers.

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                    People don't seem to have a problem with rushing to post when they've been given a sideways glance, so why shouldn't we tell the other side of the story? Good service deserves a mention as well! I've been to BB serveral times, and while it's always busy and the staff seem rushed off their feet, they've always been pleasant. They're not smiling automatons (like some American coffeehouse chain I won't mention), but they were nice. Thank you BB!

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                      Actually, ostracario, even though I'm not a huge 'four-bucks' fan, many of their 'barristas' are just folks trying to do their best and make a living. Once they are comfortable, many are friendly--even personable. Cheers.

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                        I enjoy a double americano. It is about the same price everywhere I go in the city, give or take a quarter. I am curious to know where all the people that mock starbucks' pricing go to get a better AND much cheaper americano or latte for that matter?

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                      chalenegirl; you are hilarious, and what you say is true. To be honest I was probably being a little snarky making such as big deal out of it ;-)

                      Although I am also curious if something has changed at BB - another thread said the female owner (who IIRC, is the one most of the past snottiness has been attributed to) is there less these days ... dunno if that's true. Or possibly there's some other reason.

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                      I went for my first time for a late brunch this past Saturday. We were greeted with smiles. The service was friendly: not over-the-top nor cold. The place was packed so I understood that the servers didn't have time to engage in friendly conversation. For the first time I was able to enjoy 'a side of greens' their dressing was perfect. I had wine with my meal but I should have known better. Breakfast restaurants and bakeries are not known for their wines. It was an uninspired table wine. The food arrived promptly and I left pleased with the experience.

                    4. Have not been back since I got a taste of the rude customers there. This is going back several years. It's not my scene and I can think of so many other wonderful bakeries where I can purchase terrific items.

                      Love Rose's. I've only had the superb sandwiches. Are there sweets there that I am unaware of?

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                        Don't know about the sweets, but last time I went, they had spicy dried squid that I couldn't stop eating! The lady behind the counter told me (with a knowing smile) that I'll be craving for more when the container is empty, and she's right!