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Oct 14, 2005 01:04 PM

Hidden Lunch spots...

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In the Scotia building at 44 King Street they have a cageteria on the 4th floor that is open to anyone for breakfast and lunch. The food is cheap not fine dining but good hearty meals. Bison Burger fries salad beverage and dessert for $6.50 Cajun Catfish same price.. each day they have 4 different specials: panini sandwhich, Grill, Healthy & world fare... breakfasts are $2.25! Some meals are better then other I like their fish but the pastas are soggy..

anyone know any others?

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  1. The Standard Life Insurance building on the corner of University and Elm has a cafeteria on the 2nd floor. It's open to everyone, the decor is nice (upscale Ikea) but the food is fantastic and affordable. There are three lunch specials a day and I think the "gourmet" version is $6.50, plus a sandwich bar, salad bar and soups. Everything looks and tastes home made.

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      The Berserker

      Thanks, Corp Guy. I will check this out soon.

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        I work right across the street from this place (now called Industrial Alliance), so I went to check it out today. Prices seem to have gone up a bit - the "gourmet" entree options are now $7.44 with two sides - but are still reasonable.

        The "gourmet" options today looked dicey - a scary looking Chicken Loaf (at least they were honest and not trying to pass it off as "Roast Chicken") and deep-fried Calamari (I can only imagine how rubbery it would be after sitting in a steam tray for an hour or two), so I went with the "regular" option for the day ($6.51 with two sides - $7.00 total with tax) which was Spanakopita. It was a bit light on the feta, but otherwise, quite tasty. For sides, I got rice (Minute Rice/Uncle Bens style as I expected, but not cooked to mush at least, and some parsley and pimento for added flavour) and veggies (surprisingly crisp and fresh tasting assortment including broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini and peppers). The portion sizes for both sides were huge - I could've done with just one or the other, or even just gotten the sides without the Spanakopita.

        All in all, it's not outstanding, but a good enough option for the days that I want to grab a quick, cheap bite to bring back to my desk.

      2. There is the restaurant at Osgoode Hall. Enter throught the east doors by city hall and it is on the second floor of the Law Society. The food is good and the fixed price menu is a great deal. It is open for breakfast and lunch and closed for the summer.

        The room is beautiful, though you will have to suffer the lawyers looking down their noses at you. The waiters will be glad to see you because it seems the lawyers are notoriously bad tippers.

        My apologies if you are a lawyer.


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          I took out my mom for lunch at Osgoode Hall the other week, and we both enjoyed it a lot. We both ordered the "Chef's Menu" (fixed price) option. Warm bread was circulated prior to our meal. My mom had a salad and I had the soup (seafood, with lots of mussels) to start. The main course was Free Range Cornish Hen on Mushroom Risotto. It was excellent. The dessert was Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie with Ice Cream - also very good. I had a second dessert (butter tart) because I heard it was one of the best in the city. I am no expert on butter tarts, but it was a very nice homemade version.

          The Chef's Menu for $17.95 is great value. The room looks great too, and we didn't actually see that many lawyers. The crowed seemed to include many older people who wanted to enjoy a nice relaxing lunch with good friends.

          When I have a chance to take a long lunch from work, I will be sure to make reservations and walk over to the fall.

          Open Monday through Friday to the public, September through June, from 12 - 2:00 p.m. Reservations are recommended. (416) 947-3361.

          Now....I am wondering if any of these other "hidden gems" are still around, since these posts were from 2005.

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            My sister and I had lunch at the Osgoode Hall last month.
            We opted not to get the fix prixe menu. We had been disappointed, serving size like spa food.
            We saw the famous club sandwich, they serve it with those horrible waffle fries or chips.
            We ordered the cornish hen, we enjoyed that.
            We than tried there famous butter tarts. Nothing famous there. We found the pastry to be on the heavy side.

        2. Club 36, on the 36th floor of 79 Wellington West - it's a nice resto attached to the Fitness Institute gym, but you don't have to be a member to eat there. Open kitchen, shortish but good menu, great views over the lake. Breakfast too, but no dinner.


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            Does anyone know if Club 36 is still in business? Their website seems to have disappeared in the last couple of months.

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              The Fitness Institute is now The Toronto Athletic Club and Club 36 is now Stratus. Here is a link to their website:

          2. I love Toni Belloni's on Cumberland
            They have daily special (check out the specials board)
            We usually eat there once a week. Good food, cheap prices, fast service. Perfect for lunch. Not the best if you are looking to have a really nice dinner, more of a lets grab a meal before a movie place. I dont mind it for dinner, the portions are good and the food tastes like they put really fresh ingredients

            Night time it is packed in the back.....
            They have a nice long bar if you wish to eat alone, and hopefully the girl with the long black hair isn't working the bar, she always makes you feel that you are annoying her just being there:(

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              tick talk at spadina and harbord (next to the guitar store on harbord)
              hands down the best tuna sandwiches in the city