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Nov 6, 2001 01:04 PM

Thanksgiving eating out

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I am writing a piece for The Stranger Weekly about where folks can get a traditional thanksgiving dinner. I know, I know, it seems oxymoronic (if that is a word) to eat traditional thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant, but that is my assignment. Since I have never eaten out on turkey day, I haven't the faintest idea where to begin. Any suggestions? I'm sure that many fancy-schmancy hotel restaurants will serve turkey, but has anyone tried it? Is it good? Where is the best turkey dinner, besides grandmas? My goal is to provide helpful, useful information for people that want to eat thanksgiving dinner out. Any suggestions or past experiences?


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  1. A couple of years ago, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at the Rosario Resort on Orcas. A truly lovely holiday with great food, service, and view! I actually think that having a restaurant Thanksgiving is a great idea--it puts the focus on spending time with family and friends, without the stress of food preparation. To each his own, I guess!

    1. How traditional does it have to be? Kaspars does a great Thanksgiving Buffet which includes slightly updated versions of traditional stuff plus some not at all traditional. Be forewarned, they fill up very fast.


      1. I saw an interesting menu for Thanksgiving at the Broadway Grill, and would love to have an opinion on it. I am here without family, and it is my best friend's birthday. I am trying to figure out where to get a nice meal, that is not too traditional (but still in the spirit) without costing a huge amount. Any suggestions?

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          My daughter and I ate at the Broadway Grill last week. She is a student at nearby Seattle University, and we were both famished when we sat down to eat.

          I hate to say this, but the food was terrible. I ordered a chopped salad and a bowl of their special house soup. The chopped salad appeared and tasted like it was made the week before last,very old lettuce swimming in greasy dressing. The waiter brought a cup of watery soup, the wrong soup. My daughter ordered eggs benedict, and the english muffins were both burnt black. The hollandaise sauce had a lot of cayenne pepper in it and was very spicy hot. Nothing wrong with spicy as long as you know that's what you are ordering, and my daughter would never order a spicy sauce, that's why she likes buttery, creamy hollandaise! She scraped off the sauce, discarded the toast and ate the hard poached egg. She also ordered a side of mashed sweet potatoes, and when they arrived we both looked at the puddle of bright orange and said "Those aren't sweet potatoes, they are yams!" They were also watery and heavily sugared. Yuck. The most disappointing dining experience of recent years.

          So. Having just thoroughly bashed the Broadway Grill, I wish I could offer you an alternate recommendation, but I live in Olympia!

        2. You might check into Ponti's on the Ship Canal. They used to do TG, and it is a pleasant enough place, if a tad institutional.

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            . . .according to a recommendation much further down the board