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Oct 10, 2005 04:44 PM

best pho in toronto revisited

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Hello chowhounders,
I know the subject of pho has come up at least once or twice on this site yet I seem to be having trouble finding the threads. Managed to read great things of the departed Dai Nam and plenty of rec's for Pho Hung but just wondering if there's more out there. I have recently moved from Ottawa where all our pho houses are cluttered in one simple spot and now, I'm in dire need of some great tasting pho in the big T.O. Could anyone help out with a few suggestions-would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. Mi Mi on Gerrard East, around Jones I think..north side of street. It's all good there

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      Definitly Ginger by Yonge and Bloor is extremely tasty, and reliable. I actually went to Pho Hung today, and noticed all the items we ate seemed to be not as good as usual... but it was still enjoyable.

    2. Dai Nam has relocated to Scarboro. Here's this week's review in the Now.


      1. I started one of these threads a little while ago, looking to add to my pho favourites which are both midtown: Lemongrass (Bayview Ave, south of Eglinton)and Green Papaya (Yonge St., north of Eglinton).

        1. for authenticity, go to east chinatown (gerrard and broadview), behind a store called maple gardens, there is a restaurant where i see mostly vietnamese people go. they have the most authentic pho. i think because the stock that they use is the riches of the bunch.

          Previous post mentioned MIMI, if you are adventurous, try the dish with the pig stomach and pig blood cube!It sound aweful but if you already have a taste for pho, you might find this interesting. A friend of mine said one can only get this dish here in toronto.

          1. Pho Dau Bo Restaurant 2437 Finch Av W

            Love it...

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              Is this the one near Finch and Weston. In the strip mall behind the gas station? If so, I agree 100%. This place is great.