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Nov 1, 2001 01:40 PM

Holiday gathering for office

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Any ideas on a place that can accomodate 25 people for a holiday lunch ? We've been to Wild Ginger (good), Lush Life (good), Tulio (fine). Something fun with good food (nothing too eclectic as there are many modest palates to cater to). Any ideas welcome. Thanks !

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  1. icon Grill. Great food. I'm 90 percent sure they're open for lunch, although I could be wrong.
    Great food. Comfort galore. Nice people run the place, although I heard a nasty rumor they've been sold to a major corporation. Bummer if it's true.

    1. Le Pichet is a casual place. Tasty and easy to share charcuterie plates would be a great way to start. I think with 25 people you would fill up half of their dining room.

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        I don't know about Le Pichet for a large gathering. I think a party of 25 would be very cramped given the restaurant's layout. There's a reason everyone calls it "cozy." They have a row of tables against one wall and some stand alone tables, but it seems their dining room layout is too funky to accommodate a party of 25, especially if you all wanted to sit together in a long line of tables.

        Agreed, though, that their food is fabulous and the atmosphere is wonderfully casual. Don't miss the cheese course (the daily offerings are written on a chalk board). And I've never been to a place that loads up its diners with all that bread. Heaven.