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Oct 4, 2005 02:51 AM

Good Pakistani/Indian Halal Restaurant

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I like to invite around 50 guests at my place for a dinner. My budget is 7 to 8 dollars per person. Which Restaurant is good, in scraborough, north york, richmond hill and markham ?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Zyka's on Warden Avenue (east African/Indian)
    Try Simba Grill on Donlands (east African/Indian) These guys actually come to your place and serve you too if needed!
    Try Sukhi's on Kennedy Road and Ellesmere (Indian)
    Try Delhi Darbar on Warden and Ellesmere (Indian/Pakistani)
    Try Patna Kebab on Warden and Lawrence (Indian/pakistani)
    Try Ameers (Middle Eastern) on Warden and Lawrence

    Hope this helps

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      Forgot to add...try Iqbal's at Don Mills and Eglinton...great their Nihari and Paya

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        Does Sukhi's still exist, which corner northwest?

      2. Pakwanchi at kennedy/shepperd has excellent byriani, pakistani food - they cater

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          I would without hesitation go to Mr. Chilie's on Lawrence! I've written about them before. I've used them for catering before and it is universally superb and for your budget you'll get amazing food!