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Oct 30, 2001 12:06 PM

727 - Gypsy? Who's been?

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Does anyone have any first impressions of these newbie spots? I'd love to hear...

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  1. 727 was a mismash of flavors - mediocre at best. Overpriced, under serviced. But a nice dining room.

    1. Gypsy is so comforting I struggle to leave each time. Simply great food and great service. My favorites so far are the baby back ribs, bbq pork tenderloin and rockfish. For appetizers I recommend the vodka shrimp cocktails, scallops marinated in mustard and the beef wrapped in green onions.

      The food at 727 Pine is great featuring only the best ingredients. The service was top notch. The somewhat empty space gives it an almost hallow/creepy atmosphere, however.

      The rack of lamb is the best that I've had since Kerry Sear left The Georgian Room. The kasu marinated salmon features Asian flavors. The Foie Gras is "melt in your mouth" excellent. The Dungeness Crab Cakes have a wonderful finish in its carrot cinnamon oil. The beet and asparagus salad is complemented perfectly by its Dijon vinaigrette. Stilton and Greens was also excellent. The only oh so minor complaint is that the roasted tomato bisque was a bit overpowered by basil but perhaps that's just my personal preference.

      1. Went last nite and thought it was great. Had the Pork Tenderloin with Spicy (not in my opinion but tastey) Black Beans and fried bananas and a fruit side dish. Also had the espresso creme brulee which was much much too big and came with these wonderful home made donuts. With a glass of wine and tax and tip, I spent about $40. A group I used to belong to used to meet at CaterArts owned by the same folks so I had high expectations and they were met.