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Oct 26, 2001 07:19 PM

Fullers--closing for good?

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A friend of mine just told me that Fullers is closing in early November for good, but I wanted to see if anyone else had heard this too.
Also, does anyone know where Tom Black, the chef at Fullers, is now?

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  1. it is true. and seattle: brace yourself, the scene is going to lose many more shops in the next few months. quartery taxes are due halloween, september 11th economic impact and the generally lame economy is going to shutter many a fine establishment. corporate invaders aren't helping the LOCAL restaurant scene much either (see seattle weekly's "trashing the cheesecake factory" review and my letter of commendation).

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    1. re: thefluid

      I'm wondering what other restaurants you think will be closing---or might be in dire straits...I'm thinking that, if any of my favorites are on the list, I could make a point of going there....

      1. re: sonja

        baccano, axis are counting down. i worry about brasa and all the bad rap the've been getting. belltown is a little overbuilt. several establsihed restaurants downtown are "for sale", and i don't think atlas cafe in the u village is makin' their 40k monthly rent. anything "neighborhood" cloth napkin is in jeopardy. mitzels, gone, six degrees: two out of three and wiatin' for the third, all of pioneer square has been hammered, all the billy mchales gone. that italian place in olde bellevue - gone. watch out bellevue indie - they are all at the corp. barf ps chang and cheesecake. buh-bye to the ambrosia, they surely ain't makin' the numbers there. meridian - might be saved by condo development nearby but likely wont last. i wonder how long even some of the corp's might dabble in this market - ruth chris is looking the odd steak out. how long is the lease at bucca di beppo - i think people are finally seeing thru that crap. cucina cucina - ooof! cemeteries. you know paloma and the like are getting less "wind in the sail". salties cant stay out of tax trouble, maybe the casino will help offset the losses. around the new stadium, i wonder about those places (king st. station, fx, sneakers/bleachers/whatever) - its going to be a long winter...

        1. re: thefluid

          What bad things have people been saying about Brasa? They are consistently excellent, and the bar menu makes them really affordable. It's always my top place to go when I want to go out.

          1. re: Skeptical

            Umm, no. Brasa has not been consistently excellent. The only really delicious thing I have had there was the steak frites (And how hard is it to screw up a steak?). Good, good frites though.
            Pizzas: snore. Granted, I have only been in the bar, but even with their half-price summer deal, $4.50 is much too much to spend for cold, bland chorizo... That time was the kind of expereience where you walk away afterwards just feeling really sad... and morbidly curious what their paella is like...
            Maybe it's the type of place that focuses on the dining room while kicking slop to the fools in the bar? I don't know. A nice wine list and all...but...

            1. re: Jason S.

              I'm curious---has anyone else read that Tamara Murphy's been cooking at Ing? Let's face it: that's fishy. Her restaurant is never busy (or at least I don't know anyone who goes there that isn't a former employee trying to get free drinks) and it's bad business in this economy to be out of your own kitchen, paying someone else to do your work. I'm surprised the place has lasted as long as it has.

              1. re: sonja

                I was at Brasa on Friday and they seemed to be doing good business. I hope it never closes. Tamara Murphy is a culinary genious.

                1. re: sonja

                  Hey, Dahlia Lounge has survived on nothing but hype and pretension for this long. I'm surprised at the bad experiences people say they've had at Brasa. I've only eaten in the bar a few times, but thought it was definitely worth it. The restaurant is always good though. I mean, sure, it's no Daniel or Craft, but I don't think Seattle will see anything of that caliber any time soon.

                2. re: Jason S.

                  Thank you for the honesty on Brasa. I'm new to the area and have been to Brasa twice -- perhaps not enough to make a pronouncement on their food/service -- but I can say I was underwhelmed on my first visit and just annoyed after my second. My first visit doesn't really warrant mentioning, had a blah carpaccio and an okay salmon. My date had the duck which was actually pretty good. It was a Thursday night and I think we were one of three or so parties in the place. My second visit was actively bad, I went with a friend of mine after work (Friday) and sat in the bar. We were ignored by the waitress for literally ten minutes until we flagged down a bus boy and asked for a menu. We were then brought a menu but no wine list, had to retrieve that ourselves from the bartender as our waitress was again MIA. I expect service to be a little uneven when eating in the bar, but the place was not busy at all and to sit for ten minutes w/o even being offered a drink is a little unreasonable. We started with oysters; of the three I had, two had shell in them. From the look on her face, I don't think my friend fared much better. We did have a laugh over the sauce they were served with: it was completely frozen to the consistency of sorbet. I have to believe this was not done on purpose as it tasted terrible. Honestly, I can't even remember what else I ordered. Any restaurant with food that forgetable and service that regretable is not a place I'll keep on my list for long...On a more positive note, I'm still looking for great Seattle restaurants and would love recs from all you Seattle chowhounds...any suggestions on the best sushi in town, for example? I've tried a few hole-in-the walls and also Wasabai Bistro but haven't found sushi nirvana yet...

                  1. re: TLG

                    > I'm still looking for great Seattle restaurants and would love recs from all you Seattle chowhounds...any suggestions on the best sushi in town, for example? I've tried a few hole-in-the walls and also Wasabai Bistro but haven't found sushi nirvana yet...

                    My fave Seattle-area sushi is I Love Sushi (Lake Union and Bellevue), followed by Nishino (Madison Valley, very near the arboretum). When traveling to Whistler, schedule your trip to pass through Vancouver at dinner time, and stop in at Tojo's.

                    1. re: TLG

                      I have had several enjoyable experiences in the bar at Brasa, but my dinner last night left me wondering. OK, the soup was quite good, although my server (the bartender) did not tell me what it was until I asked, as I was eating it (I ordered it based on the smell of saffron wafting over from the couple next to me). Salad was good, but came at the same time as my soup. Courses, anyone?
                      My main problem was the trout. I like trout, they are tasty little fish. But although the menu said trout and I ordered trout, what they served me was ling cod. I don't much care for ling cod, and I did not appreciate the surprise of a completely different fish from the one I ordered.
                      Printing 2 dozen corrected menus is not that hard, people.
                      I am so tired of bad service, inattention to detail, servers who don't know the specials.

                      1. re: TLG

                        For nigiri sushi, try Yoshinobo in the international district.

                      2. re: Jason S.

                        Just got word that baccano closed. Can't say that I'm too surprised, though. I always thought the room was fun, but they took themselves a little too serious for a place with a fountain in the middle of the room.

                        1. re: Jason S.

                          I've eaten in the bar three times (steak frites were good, so was the lamb burger and the provencal mussels and clams) but in the restaurant, the roast suckling pig is NOT to be missed (and it's been good every time I've tried it) and the risotto with duck and leeks is amazing. Plus that valhrona chocolate torte is worth a visit every time we make the mistake of hoping that a Tom Douglas restaurant might have just had an off-night the last time and wind up plunking down another hundred bucks on his pretension and ego nad just want something good to end the evening with.

                3. I think Tom Black is now at Barking Frog in the new Willows Lodge in Woodinville. Too bad about Fullers.

                  1. The spin their PR firm is taking with this is that Fullers is closing to become a "private dining facility."
                    And, yes, Tom Black landed at the Barking Frog. The folks there say Stephane Desgaches (sp?) went on "to better opportunities."
                    Anyone know where he landed?

                    1. Tom Black is at the Barking Frog in Woodenville.

                      1. Brasa! Oh GOD. Horrid experience. I went twice, years ago and will never go back again. The first time was not so bad because it was all about cocktails in the bar and frites. Fool proof. The second time was for dinner, and NOT a cheap dinner, mind you! Service was non-existent, paella was salty mush but the WORST part of the experience was Tamara herself. Guests can see into the kitchen and can hear everything, which I guess she forgot because what we saw and heard was HORRIFYING! She was yelling at the cooks with full lung capacity, calling names and swearing. We asked the waitress if she always treated her employees like that. "Not me!" she chirped, as if unphased by the disturbance. Me and my friend ate, paid and LEFT. We had a quiet cocktail in Belltown afterward to decompress... Tense, expensive and low quality.

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                        1. re: cookandeater

                          I have to agree. We had high hopes for Brasa and were extremely disappointed with the experience. Both the food and service were subpar - makes me wonder how it ever got a good reputation and why it stays open. There are far better alternatives - stay away.