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Best nachos

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real cheese, real guac. any suggestions. preference is for downtown

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  1. Hi,

    The "Kings Crown" at Sneaky Dees is the best I've had in Toronto . . . If anything they put too many toppings . . . refried beans, ground beef, olives, jalapenos, salsa, and a good load of guac and sour cream . . . it's tough to finish for 1 person . . . Sneaky's is not a fancy place (some might say grungie) but the staff are great and it's worth the trip . . . Let me know what you think...


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    1. re: snack boy

      I was hoping someone would say sneaks.

      I like to get their plain nachos - just chips, salsa and cheese and then add on Guac for an additional $3. It is heaven they put the guac - great heaping blobs of it under the cheese. It is heaven.

      1. re: shana

        I'm with you, simplicity at its finest. Nachos with too many toppings ruins it for me. Much like pizza!

    2. Armadillo...steak nachos....or Hernandos

      1. O'gradys @ church and maitland...the best ever!

          1. I too am glad someone mentioned Sneaky Dee's...I have heard of these nachos forever & finally tired them last month...I have to say overrated unless your idea of good nachos just means quantity over quality...I do like the wings though...& the place is fun...but the nachos are just globs of mediocre(sp?) stuff over more globs of stuff...

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              Isn't that the whole idea of nachos? That's why I like them. Tons of stuff. I always feel jipped when you get nachos and have to ration out the 'stuff'. I vote for Sneaky Dees as well.... for the stuff that is.

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                i agree. i don't know if i went on an offnight or whatever, but our nachos were cold so the cheese wasn'twarm and gooey. there were a lot of toppings on it though. by the end of the meal there were no chips left - only toppings (cold cheese, ground meat, beans, no fresh vegs). overrated - nothing special if you ask me.

              2. I tried the Nachos at sneaky dee;s and didnt like them at all! They tasted like pizza, cause there was tomato sauce on them (or maybe it was supposed to be salsa??) but it tasted like tomato sauce with waaayyy too much sugar in it, ruined the whole thing! Other then that I think they might have been good

                1. Hernandos Hideaway on Wellington. (I haven't tried the other location)

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                    I'm sorry I would disagree with that one. Just had them there a couple weeks ago with friends and they were a soggy mess with not a lot of accompaniaments.

                    The ones mentioned at Sneaky Dee's sound good, will have to try.

                    1. re: pescatarian

                      Thats about 180 degress oposite my experience about a month ago. I wonder what happened...

                      FYI, I found at Sneaky Dees what you found at Hernandos.

                      1. re: embee

                        hmmm, I don't know, perhaps they were having an off night when I was there, but they were flat and soggy and meagre (sp?). maybe I'll give them another try one day. It was close to closing time, maybe that had something to do with it.

                        p.s. the best ones I've had in recent memory were at the Hot House, they were crisp and loaded with good stuff and yummy

                        years ago, I remember having good nachos at the Sheraton near the airport that were good, but not your typical nachos - they included baby shrimp - actually that reminds me of the really good greasy fries that they sold at the takeout place behind the "taxi stand" near Terminal 3

                        1. re: pescatarian

                          hot house gets my vote too, though my experience at hernandos was also actually good..

                  2. i love the nachos at hair of the dog, but they are on fried flour chips instead of corn chips, so it isn't what we traditionally think of as nachos. but soooooo good.