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Sep 26, 2005 06:38 PM

Best nachos

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real cheese, real guac. any suggestions. preference is for downtown

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  1. Hi,

    The "Kings Crown" at Sneaky Dees is the best I've had in Toronto . . . If anything they put too many toppings . . . refried beans, ground beef, olives, jalapenos, salsa, and a good load of guac and sour cream . . . it's tough to finish for 1 person . . . Sneaky's is not a fancy place (some might say grungie) but the staff are great and it's worth the trip . . . Let me know what you think...


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    1. re: snack boy

      I was hoping someone would say sneaks.

      I like to get their plain nachos - just chips, salsa and cheese and then add on Guac for an additional $3. It is heaven they put the guac - great heaping blobs of it under the cheese. It is heaven.

      1. re: shana

        I'm with you, simplicity at its finest. Nachos with too many toppings ruins it for me. Much like pizza!

    2. Armadillo...steak nachos....or Hernandos

      1. O'gradys @ church and maitland...the best ever!

          1. I too am glad someone mentioned Sneaky Dee's...I have heard of these nachos forever & finally tired them last month...I have to say overrated unless your idea of good nachos just means quantity over quality...I do like the wings though...& the place is fun...but the nachos are just globs of mediocre(sp?) stuff over more globs of stuff...

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            1. re: BloorWestie...

              Isn't that the whole idea of nachos? That's why I like them. Tons of stuff. I always feel jipped when you get nachos and have to ration out the 'stuff'. I vote for Sneaky Dees as well.... for the stuff that is.

              1. re: BloorWestie...

                i agree. i don't know if i went on an offnight or whatever, but our nachos were cold so the cheese wasn'twarm and gooey. there were a lot of toppings on it though. by the end of the meal there were no chips left - only toppings (cold cheese, ground meat, beans, no fresh vegs). overrated - nothing special if you ask me.