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Breakfast in Scarborough

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Does anyone know of a good place to have a weekend breakfast in Scarborough?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I know this is a very scary prospect, but.... my mom lives in East East Scarborough and every weekend goes to Wimpy's for breakfast. I was coerced into going once, and was surprised. Their omelets are pretty good, very fresh and generous portions. I guess it depends on what kind of crowd you have and what type of atmosphere you're looking for.
    There is one in the Abbey Lane plaza (Kingston Rd/PortUnion/401.

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    1. re: jill

      I don't get it... why is it scary?
      Because of Scarborough or because of Wimpeys?

      1. re: Justin

        I really don't get what is so "scary" either. Many neighbouring homes are in the $500,000 range. I have lived here for just over half a year and it is a beautiful neighbourhood. Also, as far as the restaurant goes it is a nice clean restaurant with a very cool 60's theme mural and a nice patio. Food is generally respectable.

      2. re: jill

        Wanna great place!

        Donuts and Diner

        N/W corner of Birchmount and Ellesmere

        Big, cheap breakfasts...excellent quality...

        This plave is a real GEM

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          "I guess it depends on what kind of crowd you have and what type of atmosphere you're looking for."

          Just regular people with big cool brick and stone mansions,looking for a nice filling breakfast.

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            Amazing Ted's is a Scarborough Institution...been around for over 40 yars (easily). Quick efficient servers who pour you a coffee as soon as you sit down. Nice lunch counter and great home made pies.

            Another good place is Catherines on Brimley just south of Lawrence. Good service, good food and very cheap prices.

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                I drove around that area yesterday and couldn't find a place called Catherine's. Do you have an address for it?


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                  Teds is a great resturant the family goes there weekly for dinner, Their homemade soup is great

                2. re: jill

                  Wimpy's is scary, not the neighborhood.

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                    Normally I would never go to Wimpy's for breakfast (their burgers are pretty good), but was dragged there by a friend who lives in the area. It was in fact a pretty substantial breakfast for not a lot of money. I wouldn't drive across town to go there, but if you're in the area it's definitely worh the price

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                      We used to get good breakfasts at two of the wimpy's locations -- the one on Kingston road, around Warden, and the other one at Ellesmere and Pharmacy, and both locations were clean.

                3. Terry's Restaurant in the plaza at the NE corner of Bellamy and Ellesmere. Same plaza as Federick's. Inexpensive, good quality breakfasts. I think the breakfast special is $3.99 for 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, real home fries, toast and coffee. It's a fairly typical family restaurant/diner sort of place -- lots of regulars. Staff gets to know you by name, etc.

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                    I have to disagree with Terry's. That place is dirty, with way too much furniture it feels like an over crowded fire pit. I found the waitresses rude. My daughter spilt her drink and was yelled at. Never again!!

                  2. Markham station

                    Markham and steeles.

                    all day breakfast... great place

                    1. For a stick-to-your-ribs trucker breakfast, try the very popular (Amazing) Ted's in the old Highland Creek village. On the north side of Old Kingston Road, almost right at the foot of the Lawson Road overpass. An ancient restaurant that is a local institution.

                      Big booths, fast service, keep-it-coming coffee, with people sometimes queued out the door on weekends. It sponsored local hockey teams when I was a kid, and served me meals when I worked summers for the city.

                      -Uncle Bobby

                      1. "markham station" - on markham road, just north of 401. 24 hour breakfast. they have a great special before 11am for 2 eggs, 2 toast, bacon or sausage or ham, and hash browns for $3.99. good size plate. go early cuz there's always a lineup.

                        1. There are a street of homes in the $750,000 range right at old kingston & military trail.

                          and the best restaurant in the area is Purdy's Pub.

                          The best quality food ive ever had, and ive worked in a restaurant my life.
                          You know a restaurant is good when the cooks are all middleaged and its not a kitchen run by kids.
                          They're not afraid to pay for some quality cooks.

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                            Purdy's closed over the past year. Too bad, the hockey lockout, the Leafs missing the playoffs the past few years and Fratelli Village Pizzeria opening across the street was the final nail...

                            It was decent pub food and the owner took care of the regulars.

                            The Fossil and Haggis is now the only decent pub in the area.

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                              Fossil and Haggis is decent... although, I've heard good things about the Black Dog Pub over near Port Union and the 401.

                          2. If you mean south-west Scarborough there's the Bo Peep, a local family restaurant at 2277 Kingston Rd. in a strip mall on the south side a couple of blocks east of the Danforth Ave. intersection. I haven't been there lately since new management took over, but it used to serve good breakfasts and brunches. However I'm bothered by one amateur reviewer at this website who mentions slow service. Their former staff of mostly matronly servers were cheerful and prompt, and I hope they haven't been phased out. But the website's ratings are strange. The one for Ikki Sushi nearby is 9.6 out of 10 and the food there is terrible, as several people including me have said here at Chowhound.


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                              There also is the wexford at warden and Lawrence. they just celebrated their 50th aniversary this week so they must be doing something right at breakfast.

                              1. re: smr714

                                Never been there, but CTV did quite an extensive story on the celebration and there were a ton of people there. Looked like a lot of fun. The owners -- and customers, some of them long-term -- seem very nice. A real institution.

                                2072 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Z5, CA

                              2. re: Bob Catt

                                Bo Peep has gone downhill and I am not even sure they still serve breakfast anymore.

                                1. re: Bob Catt

                                  The Wex has become very expensive over the years and there are better&cheaper spots in that area.

                                2. Scarborough isn't exactly a hotbed of quality brunch action but I like Markham Station for fried meat, potatoes and eggs with bread. Decent value, ate there many a time before work when I was working in the area not too long ago!

                                  1. Can somebody please explain the Wexford to me? People are always talking it up as a Scarborough landmark, so my husband and I went there to try it out. We paid a ridiculous amount (something like $8 each) for what was just a passable greasy spoon breakfast. Pulleaze! A much better bet is Bye the Bluffs on Kingston Road, an honest diner with the same type of breakfast at a fraction the cost.

                                    Haven't been back to Bopeep's since the management change -- I hope they haven't changed much. I would miss being called "young lady" by the waiter.

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                                    1. re: voracious

                                      Does anyone have some menu items and prices for By the Bluffs?

                                      1. re: red dragon

                                        Their breakfast special, bacon/Sausage or Ham and eggs, homefries, toast and coffee was about 5 bucks but I have not been there for a bit.

                                        1. re: smr714

                                          Was actually there this morning. Breakfast for 4 adults and one child came to $43 after tax. Breakfasts were 6-10 (steak and eggs being 10), but with a dollar discount for weekday mornings. Regular selections of pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs or omelets. Sweet meals come with choice of sausage/bacon/fruit with whip cream, eggs come with homemade potatoes, bacon/sausage or cheese on eggs or can pay a bit extra for peameal or steak instead.

                                          Didn't try them as it was breakfast, but the pies looked delicious.

                                          1. re: elrik

                                            He elrik,

                                            Can you tell me how the place was (clean)? Parking ok? My friend is driving all the way from Oshawa, so want to make sure it's ok for her.


                                            1. re: red dragon

                                              I found it quite clean. While the decor is dated, it isn't run down, tables were quite clean and while I spotted an old crayon on the floor while retrieving items our baby was throwing, I didn't notice any old pile ups of food or any other indications of a place that isn't being kept up. Plates, cups and cutlery were are clean. I would think it would be fine for your friend.

                                              Parking shouldn't be an issue as there were a decent amount of spaces and I don't think many of the other businesses are busy in the mornings. I found the place a little hard to spot, so just remember it is in the small plaza on the south side of kingston just east of McCowan. If you hit the larger foodland plaza you have gone a plaza too far.

                                              1. re: red dragon

                                                I was there recently for about my 5th visit. There were a lot of flies buzzing around us while we ate, which had never happened before. We were sitting toward the back of the restaurant and were suddenly engulfed with the chemical smell of some cleaning fluid (floor cleaner maybe?), which was really offputting. And then the waitress came out and started sweeping around us while we were eating. That really irks me. I know places need to clean up between their busy times, and this was between lunch and dinner. Still, we were the only customers in that section and were nearly done. They could have waited five minutes for us to leave.

                                                Don't get their "Greek" salad unless you like bottled Italian dressing on it. Yuck.

                                                Burgers are pretty good; pies are very good -- all homemade.

                                                The staff are all very friendly and accommodating.

                                      2. Steak Queen on the corner of Vic Park and Lawrence. Doesn't look like much from the outside but the breakfast is greasy spoon yummy.

                                        1. markham station is good IMO, only because of the sheer convenience of it. Yes, I love their big breakfast with the eggs, pancakes, sausage and bacon. But not the day my bacon was moldy. Granted, I had one bad experience out of what seems like 100 since i've been going there for so long.

                                          Can't beat Perfect for good Dim Sum for a saturday morning. But if that's not your thing, I also agree with Ted's being yummy.

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                                          1. re: iheartpie

                                            The Wexford does make decent breakfast food, but the food is so expensive it overshadows anything good they offer. I cant remember exactly how much it was for Peameal and eggs with toast, but it was probably a couple bucks more then a comparable meal at another restaurant.

                                            Then I saw the fresh squeezed orange juice. I figured, yea that sounds like a good idea, then I saw the prices. I grabbed a small which was still close to $5, and it came in the smallest damn glass possible. 2 gulps, gone. I cant see that glass having contained the juice from more then 2 oranges at most, but the price was just outrageous. I felt bad for buying such a dinky glass of fresh OJ when I wasnt paying for the meal so I couldnt even really enjoy it.

                                            Bottom line? IF you got money to burn, perhaps coming off an all night drinking/partying binge and need something to eat , the Wex will do, but if you are hungry, dont expect a cheap breakfast by any means.

                                            Oh, and the food isnt anything special either. Its one thing if you walk away thinking, Wow, im stuffed, those eggs and peameal were great and the portions were huge. Well, that didnt happen, I walked out with regrets last time I was there.

                                            Service wasnt bad however, but you could almost see the dollar signs in their eyes when I ordered the chincy little OJ. Am I wrong in thinking that $7+ for a glass of OJ is outrageous??

                                            2072 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Z5, CA

                                            1. re: jmarcroyal

                                              You are so right about the Wexford. It used to be reasonably priced, but the last five or so years, I have noticed a steep incline in the prices, without an increase in quality or quantity. They are not consistent, either, and the quality of what you get depends on who's cooking.

                                              2072 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Z5, CA