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Oct 23, 2001 02:12 PM

Paddle Inn chef returns to Methow Valley

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How many remember (and miss, as I do) the best restaurant ever in north central Washington, the Paddle Inn in Winthrop?

The chef/owner of the Paddle Inn, Rob Gretzner, will be doing a "guest chef" appearance Nov. 2-5 at the Fiddlehead Bistro in Twisp. (I'd call the Fiddlehead my 2nd favorite all-time Methow Valley restaurant.) As Michelin would say, it's worth at least a detour. And, if you love garlic, it's worth the trip. Rob is a Master of Garlic.

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  1. so, what's your favorite methow valley restaurant if fiddlehead is #2?

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      Maybe my previous posting wasn't too clear. I said that Fiddlehead was my "2nd all-time favorite." My 1st was the Paddle Inn, long gone and missed by many. With Rob cooking at Fiddlehead this weekend, it should be a double winner.