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Looking for a Morrocan Tagine... the cooking vessel

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I'm looking especially for the cooking type but also the serving tagines.


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  1. I've seen them at a little "world beat" shop on Queen West (between University and Spadina) called "El Mundo Diseno." Given the high quality finish and decoration, I suspect these are the "serving" version -- I know I'd be afraid of putting it in the oven! You might also try calling the restaurant Boujadi and asking who their supplier is.

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      Actually Boujadi sells the pots. I think they might just be the serving ones, but you could ask. The price, if I recall, wasn't outrageous either.

    2. Try Degrees Kitchen Store on Yonge.

      1. I swear by my Le Creuset tagine - bloody expensive but you know it's quality and will do the job without having to worry about paint flaking or leaching into your food.

        I got mine at the Ashley sale last November, but any Le Creuset supplier should be able to get them for you! I saw one at Williams and Sonoma, so any store that sells Le Creuset pots should be able to get one for you!

        1. I'll follow up with the one I get.
          Thanks again.

          1. They are on display at Millie's on Avenue Road north of Wilson but I don't know if they sell them. They are beautiful works of art as well as functional.

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              WAIT - Before you shell out, there is a place in kensington market, west off spadina - same strip as fish stores (my apologies can't remember the street name ) - its the turn-off from spadina with vietnamese restaurant with a picture of a cow - if it helps it is north of the Bright Pearl ( the one with lions out front) restaurant.

              Anyway - its about four or five stores in from spadina and has tagines (both cooking and serving) at great prices - also has vessels for serving injera (ethiopian breads)...stacks and stack of them at kensington market prices.

              best of luck

              1. Word of Mouth (one location in lower Forest Hill village and other on Yonge across from Summerhill LCBO) has lots.

                1. You can also find them at The Pepper Mill. They used to be in Hazelton Lanes - I am not sure if they kept that location but I know that they also opened on Yonge Street around Roxborough if memory serves. West side of the street.

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                    The Pepper Mill is still open in Hazelton Lanes - just opposite Whole Foods.

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                      That's one of the best kitchen stores in the city.

                      You can also get a tagine at Nella on Bathurst.

                    1. I'm in love with my All-Clad Tagine

                      It's oven safe up to 400 degrees (many are only good on the stove top
                      )and it doubles as a beautiful serving dish
                      I use it for so much.. I can't say enough good things about it.

                      1. Just fyi, I have a Le Creuset tagine, but find that my dutch oven works just as well (though not nearly as pretty).

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                          I'm with you on this and dutch oven is more versatile

                          1. Be very careful re. where it is manufactured - some of those non-brand name tagines may contain lead in the glaze which will leech into your food upon heating. Stick to a brand-name to avoid this.

                            1. Try Williams-Sonoma. I saw one at Eaton Centre location a little while ago, but am pretty sure they are still there. If not, you can probably make a request order for one with any of the sales associates.

                              1. I got an unglazed rifi-style tagine from Habitat about a year ago (around $30-35?). I find it makes one heck of a lot of difference in the cooking than a dutch over. Items will brown with lid on and in the oven yet stay truly moist and succulent.

                                They also had glazed serving tagines. I wouldn't go cooking in a glazed (on the inside) tagine. The whole point is that the pot becomes seasoned with all the flavours of previous tagines.

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                                  My wife just bought me an unglazed tagine in Morocco, but didn't get any instructions on use. I don't want to screw it up the first time. How do you use yours?

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                                    Here is a description about seasoning a tagine. http://www.tagines.com/tagine_care.cfm
                                    Paula Wolfert also describes tagine use in her cookbooks.

                                2. Bought my tagine at Williams-Sonoma a week ago. I bought the one by Henry Emile and just love it. You cook on the stovetop but can also put it in the oven. The glazing is very durable and I've even cut in the pot with a knife and there is no scoring. Henry Emile are a well established, reputable company. I love their pie plates and casserole dishes as well.

                                  1. I got a new Emile Henry tagine at a reduced price last month (about $80 for the big sized) from the Kensington Market place that someone mentioned above. He said he gets them on sale from a US supplier and should have some more stock in by now. These are much more reliable (lead free) than the Moroccan ones altho pricier than them, and if you get them here, cheaper than brand name ones in other kitchen stores in Toronto. You can get a comparable price online but then you have to pay for shipping from the US.

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                                      Do you know what the name of the store (in Kensington Market) where you got your Emile Henry Tagine is called?

                                    2. I have also noticed a small selection of these for sale at Placewares on the upper floor of the St. Lawrence Market. The tagines are on a very high top shelf in one of the middle isles of the store.

                                      1. i bought a clay, unfinished, cooking tagine at Boujadi. It was inexpensive and works wonderfully.

                                        1. Strange but true...Ikea carry them with (I seem to remember) a cast iron bottom and a ceramic top. Huge. Can't remember the price but you might be able to check online.

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                                            while this is a very old post -- costco (the one on queensway at least) sells the Le Creuset for $130 i think

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                                              this is an old post .. found them at Haven..has since closed the store on Queen w but still opens to out of a small post on dundas by appoinment only. look on there website

                                          2. If you want a nice, simple glazed ceramic tagine, black base and white top, try Nella (the big one, visible from Hwy 400). I got one there for around $20.