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Sep 14, 2005 03:40 PM

Prince Edward County

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Aside from the Milford Bistro, does anyone have any recommendations for good restaurants in and around Prince Edward County?

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  1. Currah's is pretty good, although the atmosphere is just OK. It's on the main street in Picton.
    Also on the Main Street was another restauarnt, can't remember the name but the owner was the same as the Hidden Bistro. There was a fire but it's slated to re-open in October. It doesn't look like anything special, looks like it was once a doughnut shop or something, but the food is amazing and reasonable prices. Service was good, owners were very welcoming. I got the recommendation from some locals last year and was very thankful I went there.
    Allycatz (across from Currah's) is good for live music.
    Make sure you try Slicker's Ice Cream.
    The Bean COunter Cafe has good coffee and gelato.
    The Painted Peppercorn has a wonderful back patio and lunches.
    I'll seach for the name of the resto and try and post.
    If you're looking for higher end, romantic, there are lots of options at the resorts and B&Bs. The Waring House perhaps?

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      found it - I always forget the name.

      Main Street Market Grill
      166 Main St., Picton - 613.476.7441

      If you want more info on 'The County' let me know. I've been a number of times and am a huge fan.

      1. re: jill

        I second the rec for Currah's! There's also an unassuming place in Wellington (right beside a channel leading to the lake -- doesn't look like much from the outside) but they serve a great gourmet pizza and microbrew. The Barley Room Pub at the Waring House is also quite charming and often has live Irish/Scottish/folk music.

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          Picton's my hometown. The Merrill Inn is getting rave reviews. The Chef is ex-The Fifth.

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        Angeline's is still the best. Be sure to meet Chef Willie Fida.

      3. Our cottage is out there.
        Our two fave spots are Currahs in Picton and the Waring House just outside of Picton; there is also a pub next door if you are into live (albeit loud)music. My sister recommends The Hidden Bistro.

        1. The 2 best restaurants in the County along with Milford Bistro are the new Carriage House in Bloomfield (the chef is formerly of Crush in Toronto) and Angeline's, which is also in Bloomfield.

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            Had a very good dinner at Angeline's on the August long weekend. Classic, not innovative, but perfectly executed.

          2. The Merrill is better than the Milford where there is along wait between courses .an old country store setting and a dark drive home.The food at the Merrill is a step above also

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            1. re: donner90

              Milford is closed anyways and re-opened recently in Picton as Harvest Restaurant.

              1. re: kawarthagirl

                I have a reservation for Harvest on Friday. Report to follow.

                1. re: HenryT

                  I've said this before on this site and I'll say it again: Please do not waste your money on the tasting menu. The service isn't up to the task. They will not deliver the goods with any sense of timing or pairing whatsoever. Our night took 3 and a half hours (not that we're in a hurry when dining) and to add insult to you know, was the largest bill of our adventure in PEC.

                  The food is great (of course), so I'd say try your luck with the regular menu and a bottle of wine instead of waiting for pairings to arrive. They might not be able to get that as wrong.

                  Please, please, please do try Carriage House in Bloomfield. You will love it.

            2. Enjoyed the lunch at the new Gazebo retaurant at Waupoos Estates Winery. We started with a chilled fresh pea soup with mint. This was based on a good chicken stock, as for a vichyssoise, with cream. Not low calorie, but delicious. I had a really nice burger with blue cheese. Dessert was fresh blueberries and cream. The blueberry farm is next door. Coffee from Cook's - the Kingston food store has a Picton branch.

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              1. re: HenryT

                Found that lunch at Waupoos to be on the pricey side, I had their shrimp lunch special which consisted of 4 shrimps with small chorizo garnishes for $13, no sides (well, mesclun mix)... it was more like an appetizer than "lunch". My partner's portobello sandwich was OK, and my parents had the mussels, which were judged to be too sweet... won't be going back i don't think...