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Oct 20, 2001 12:44 PM

Asian on the Eastside

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I go to Noble Court all the time for the Dim Sum, especially on Sunday when the selection is endless.
I tried the Szechuan restaurant on 24th, it was
okay not memorable. Does anyone go to I Love Sushi?
Any good restaurants I am missing?

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  1. Isn't there a new spendy sushi place over there? I've heard about it, but the name escapes me....

    1. Shi Lin has some decent stuff (e.g., prawn w/pea vine). Don't bother going there for lunch.

      Cafe Ori has some very good food, and is cheap, but is variable, so you have to scope out the good dishes. (okay, that was a lot of commas) Try the beef chow fun, singapore style noodles (not my favorite, but other people like it), french style fish, hai nan chicken, or the pork chop.

      Kikuya in Redmond is good Japanese.

      There's an Indian restaurant called Savoy behind Fred Meyer, next to Chucky Cheese. It's gotten mixed reviews, but the one time I went there it was good.

      Mayuri is another pretty good Indian place; it's next to Trader Joe's on 156th.

      One of the folks at work recommends the Shanghai Cafe in Factoria, but I've never been there.

      Ditto for Peking's on 20th (not sure exactly where, but somewhere in the Overlake area, I think).

      I've been to Taste of Tokyo (in Bellevue, off NE 8th) once and liked it.