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Organic Food in Oakville/Mississauga

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I know my search is probably futile, but I would like to know if anyone out there knows of any moderately priced organic food store or supermarkets in Oakville or Mississauga? I have been to Whole Foods Market and while it's excellent, I think they're way overpriced. Any suggestions?

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  1. There's an organic grocer on Lakeshore just east of Hurontario in Port Credit(hope that's not Whole Foods Market as the name slips me!). Also a decent butcher next door.

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      The name of the shop is Alternatives.

    2. There is an Alternatives location in Oakville, On Kerr St. just north of Speers Rd. (on the east side of Kerr St., south of the railroad tracks). There is also an Indian grocer beside it with dope samosas (when fresh).

      1. Real Canadian Superstore at #5 and Trafalgar has a huge organic selection.

        1. Alternatives in Missisauga is closed now, but apparently it's reopening as a Planet Organic.

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            Organic Garage opened in that location last year. What's this about Planet Organic?

            Organic Garage sells beautiful organic produce and groceries at prices far below those of Whole Foods. They carry fresh Rowe Farm meats exclusively. As far as I know, it is still up and running. Anyone heard otherwise?


          2. Organic Garage is going strong.
            Expanding it's product lines to some prepped foods now as well.

            1. There is a neat little store also on Lakeshore in Port Credit by the name of Blossom Pure
              It's on the South side just east of Cawthra across from an ice cream place.

              1. For the absolute best price point these days, Presidents Choice makes a brilliant line of organics. Loblaws and Highland Farms each have a wide selection of organics, though I prefer Loblaws for produce and Highland Farms for dry goods, but that's personal preference (different price points/quality). Highland Farms carries organic milk in glass bottles (which I prefer), which Loblaws doesn't offer although they carry organic milk. I visit Loblaws at Dundas/Mavis or Burnhamthorpe/427 and Highland Farms at Hwy 10/Matheson.

                Blossom Pure is a great little store, but stock is limited and appears disorganized (there is a plan, you just have to understand it); they have a reasonable selection of bulk dry goods and non-pork meats. Whole Foods is excellent for optimal selection and out-of-season or unusual items; definitely overpriced but they offer more glass vs. plastic options. Planet Organic is just plain expensive.

                Subscribe to online flyers for various stores, and buy in bulk when things are on sale. Surprisingly, I have also found organic overstock items such as couscous, soups and cereals in dollar stores!

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                  And after reading all the posts, I decided to check out Organic Garage in Oakville. Yesterday was my first time there, and I must say I was very impressed. Basic and warehouse-y, but they have a very good selection of 'everyday' items at better prices than I've seen elsewhere. Decent bulk selection, and the fruits and veggies were amazing prices. However, there were a lot of non-organic fresh goods (about 50/50), so if you're particular about organic you have to really check the tags. Other than that, great store - I'll definitely be back for basics and great prices.

                2. I am interested in organic AND halal meat. I came across an article on Toronto Life magazine. I went and visited the store. They are great. Their products are significantly less expensive than other organic businesses; add to that the fact that their products are also halal. The store is not well-organized, but because it is small, the employees are always available, helpful and courteous. I bought whole chicken and lamb chops and a couple of rib-steaks. They were very good. They also have a variety of cold-cut meat products that they make. Their cold-cut meat does not contain any fillers or preservatives (like nitrate and such), and so it I called them back and ordered more chicken, but this time asked them to cut some of the chicken to parts. They said that they cut the meat and vacuum-package it to my specifications. Their products are clean and of very good quality, and their pricing is very reasonable.
                  Here is the Article from Toronto Life: