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Sep 3, 2005 12:21 PM

El Yucateco Mayan hot sauce

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Does anyone know where I can fine El Yucateco Mayan hot sauce in Toronto. East end prefered.


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  1. don't know about east end, but you can find it in two places at the st. lawrence market, assuming they haven't sold out. one is called (i think) instant caterer. they've got a huge rack of sauces. you can also try another place called (i think) ``(something) fine foods'' It's kind of kitty corner from rube's rice, if i recall correctly.

    1. on the danforth there is a newish store around the Chester area that sells all kinds of oil, vinegars and hot sauce. I don't know if they have the El Yucateco but they definitely have Marie Sharp (from belize) so it might be worth checking out.

      1. I don't know about this hot sauce, but there a Toronto based online store that carries hot sauces
        Hope this helps.

        1. Agreed best hot sauce ever bar none. Habernero burn, no vinegar taste, cheap and tasty as can be.

          1. Any of the little latin bodega's in Kensington Market will carry El Yucateco - the brown one, right?

            As a gringo, they're surprised when i go in asking for hotter than that (not believing i can handle that amount of heat). I've found some deadly, deadly hot sauces at Cajun Corner on queen st. w - many that i can't handle, which is what i want.