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Aug 30, 2005 07:39 PM

Mmmm.... Pork Chops

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Anyone know which restaurants are currently featuring pork chop on their menu? A nice, thick, juicy chop. Thanks

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  1. Mr Greenjeans at the Eaton Centre has a huge portion, not too bad either.

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    1. re: Diane

      The pork chops at Canyon Creek are awesome - very thick with some sort of a fruity sauce.

      The pork chop at Baton Rouge is pretty good - about half the size as the one at Canyon Creek and served on some sort of a hot plate. It's thinner (although not what I'd call thin in general) and redder (vs. white at Canyon Creek, if that makes any sense whatsoever).

      Anyway, both are better than the steaks you can get at either joint.

    2. Try Canyon Creek on Front St - loevly thin and juicy chops

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        1. re: Pebbles

          If anything I would say that Canyon Creek's chop is very thick. It's a double chop that to me looks at least 3 inches wide.

        2. Pura Vida
          685 Lansdowne Avenue @ Bloor (a couple steps south of Lansdowne station)

          Normally I stay away from thin chops, because they can be so easily overcooked. I did, however, find some thin -- yet JUICY and FLAVOURFUL -- chops at Pura Vida. Portions are fairly generous. Lots of seafood and meat with rice combos offered.

          Their gallo pinto is delicious. It wasn't on the menu when I went last March -- but they'll gladly make it if you order it anyway :)

          If you stick around late enough, someone's bound to fire up the karaoke machine.

          1. Canyon Creek Front St. pork chops prepared medium for lunch today. 16oz of the best tasting pork you will find in a restaurant.

            I have always loved it, but today it was just perfect. Outstanding.

            Chain resto snobs are REALLY missing out.

            1. i agree with Deelicious. You cannot call yourself a gourmet or food lover if you look down on some chains that have really good food, and, let's face it there are quite a few of them. Anyways, try the chops at The Tulip, they're awesome!!!