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Aug 25, 2005 01:45 PM

Authentic Mexican

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Where is there some authentic mexican on the west end? Thanks

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  1. I really like Mexitaco at 828 Bloor West ( There are usually quite a few Mexican natives who dine there.

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    1. re: Doreen

      I've been there. I may be "authentic," but it's still terrible.

      1. re: Ardy

        At mexitaco order the sopes with chicken and green salsa. I have had the enchiladas as well and they were good. For mole I would recommend Dos Amigos. El trompo used to be better, but the tacos al pastor are still good. Being originally from Mexico City I must say that you cannot get excellent Mexican food in TO. You have to take what you can get.

    2. "Authentic" Mexican was discussed a few weeks ago, so keep scrolling down and you should find it.

      The place i recommended then, Mariachis (at Yonge and Eg) i went to this week and was terribly disappointed. Not only has the quality and taste of the food gone down dramatically since my last visit (maybe a year ago), but the portions are now very small.

      They described desert as coming with "fresh fruits" which was a thin slice of orange. The Churros i had for dessert tasted like they had been cooked several hours earlier and weren't even warm.

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      1. re: saffy

        I've been going to Mariachi's since about 2000. I've never once had dessert there, so can't comment on the above complaints. However, I've found that it has remained fairly constant in quality throughout the years. The side dishes (rice, salad, beans) are not quite as large as they once were, which might make the portions seem smaller, but the main part of the dishes has remained fairly constant. I've never left hungry.

        That being said, I would pick Jalapeno over Mariachi any day. Much better flavouring, more authentic, better service. Unfortunately, I don't live downtown and Mariachi's is within walking distance.

      2. Like the other poster said, there was a thread about this a little further down.

        Depending what you mean by west end.

        Jalepenos on King west of Bathurst.

        El Trompo in Kensington Market on Augusta but I've heard there's new owners, I liked it but I don't know if it was the new owners or the old.

        Haven't been to Dos Amigos but keep meaning to.
        El Sol, I've liked the food in the past, the service can try your patience at the best of times, someone said it's gotten better. Order your next margarita as soon as your first is delivered. If some one at the table isn't ready to order, too bad, order anyways.

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        1. re: GGS

          I should mention, I've never been to Mexico so I don't really know what authentic mexican is.

          I lived in the San Francisco area for three years so I do a Mission Burrito.

          I miss those Burritos.

          1. re: GGS

            GGS just hit it. Few have any reference points-and that includes kitchen staff who probably haven't spent any more time in Mexico than most tourists. Mexico's a big place, so big that there's a problem with characterizing Mexican food--which Mexico? Most Americans see Tex-Mex and/or older "Mexican American" as the paradigm, with newer "authentic" regional variants winning new converts.All I'm saying is that what passes for Mexican in TO is a dim approximation.

            1. re: GGS

              Burrito Boys is a good alternate to a Mission burrito, still no Al Pastor from El Farlito but close enough. I love the steak and halibut best at BB. Killer lineups, tiny space with yummy foiled wrapped burritos (reminds you of SF doesn't it?). Unfortunately the rice at Quesada is much better (more coriander) than BB's but theirs is not "mission style". I have to say I do enjoy Q's veggie burrito better there than BB.

              Dos Amigos makes a wonderful cactus salad, everything else is pretty average and overpriced. Lovely ambience for a nice night out.

              Jalapeno is again okay, about the same as Dos Amigos in terms of food, nothing spectular but nothing outstanding either.

              Mexitaco is a good basic joint for some simple eating and simple dining. No fuss, no presentation, nothing complicated. Just eat, chill and hang out.

              1. re: Fickle

                Burrito Boyz isn' t even close to being Mexican food. It is large and cheap and near tasteless. That's about all you can say for it.

            2. re: GGS

              I like Jalapenos as well. Another one I like is El Jacalito, on Royal York.

              1. re: Michael

                El Jacalito is GONE. It is now El Jacal, on the north side of Bloor, between Dufferin and Dovercourt.

            3. The worst food I have had in years. Horrid.

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              1. re: HK
                minister of kebab


                The old El Palenque (whatever happened to it) the one on the south side of St.Clair with the nice patio used to have pretty good food...wholeheartedly agree with the previous post the "new" el palenque (Casa Mariachi) (north side) is less than good...tried it once blurrgh...whatever happened to the old one then ??

                or is this an impostor trading on their name ?

                1. re: minister of kebab

                  Amen. Waited 45 minutes for cold meat, dried out rice and crusty beans. I was not impressed. I think they may have merged because the menu is the same!

                  On a much brighter note, the new restaurant that's popped up in its place named El Rincon (sp?) is even better than the previous incarnation of El Palenque and the patio is better taken care of.

                  1. re: Gentian


              2. Try El Jacal, on the north side of Bloor, between Dufferin and Dovercourt:


                and also:


                Rebozos (126 Rogers, at Boon, 416-658-5001) Open Tuesday to Thursday 11 am to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 9 pm, Sunday noon to 7 pm. Closed Monday, holidays. Unlicensed. Access: five steps at door, no washrooms. Rating: NNNN

                Source: NOW

                Rebozo's is as authentic as it gets!

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                1. re: redearth

                  Went to Rebozo's last week and it was a great all around experience. We told the owner we were hungry and left it up to him what we got. He just kept on bringing us tasty, tasty food until we told him we'd had enough. I will say, though, that we found the portion sizes were not huge, so it did take quite a bit to fill us up. While in the end it wasn't "cheap" it certainly wasn't expensive either.

                  We ate at the one table in the small room where his kitchen is, but after a steady stream of people began walking through the kitchen to the exit, we discovered that there is a second dining area with more tables at the back. It was great watching him make all the tortillas fresh on the spot so I'd probably stay close to the kitchen next time around.

                  1. re: Delish

                    I'll cast a vote for Rebozos as well. Great tacos and carnitas, friendly owners.

                    I also enjoy El Sol, I don't know if its the 100% authentic you're looking for but definitely a step up from most other choices. The service can be brutal if you're not a little proactive; we have resorted to going Sunday evenings or ordering takeout and showing up 15 minutes after they tell you to. Also for your purposes, not very west end.