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Aug 22, 2005 05:30 PM

Best Steak/Seafood in the City

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I am looking for the best steak and lobster in the city. Mortons? Harbour 60? I have not been to either one in at least a year. Any suggestions?

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  1. IMO The Strip House is the best option, and no one seems to even know of it. The steaks are the highest grade, grilled over REAL wood on ceramic grills, and the two seafood restaurants below offer a huge selection of ocean goodies. The wine list, not great, but good.
    11 Duncan St. - 3rd floor above the Filet of Sole/Whistling oyster.(formally Cha Cha Cha)
    My second choice would be Barbarian's, if only for the great wine list.

    1. If will only give my comments on the Steak part of your posting. My favourite steakhouse is Bardi's on York opposite the Royal York. I know it doesn't have the hype of the new(er) guys in town but I find the quality of the steaks, the preparation and the service excellent. But I guess I like the old-style places since I still find great satisfaction at Barberians and Tom Jones.

      1. I thought Harbor 60 was better then Morton's. Better service and the food was good and helpful with the wine. Yet Morton's has a very great presentation of their meats in the beginning. But Morton's is a little to commercialized. Barberians is another great choice and I think its a just a tad bit less expensive. But as mentioned in another reply, the strip house is great at a very responsible price with a great cozy decor.

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          i second harbour sixty. Morton is the show, but as for the steak....well lets say its alot more hipe

          brabarian is not bad, but i still vote habour 60...

          1. re: bob

            With all due respect:

            All of these places (Morton's, Barberian's, and Harbour Sixty) are ridiculous rip-offs with mediocre food. You want a good steak? Buy the best one at a good butcher, and make it at home.

            Morton's "show" at the beginning of the meal is absurd. It's an insult to the customers, unless those customers are idiots. Morton's is a typical chain.

            Harbour Sixty is as tacky as its owners. It's a glorified Greek steak house, with admittedly adequate food. You will enjoy, but pay way too much for the pleasure.

            Barberian's is the worst of them all. Their food is terrible. Frozen veggies. Lower quality meat. Not a bad wine list, but marked up sky high.

            These restaurants serve uninteresting, textbook food. On this board, you can discover other, lower-profile restaurants, that are cheaper and MUCH better. Eat steak at home; it's just a hunk of cooked meat. If you buy top quality and cook it right, it will be better than most steak houses.

            On the other hand, try making Maroli's butter chicken at home. This city is full of true gems that are worth leaving your own kitchen for. Morton's, H-60, and Barberian's are crap.

        2. Barberian's Steak House was one of the best steaks I have ever had. You have to go there.

          1. I like Carman's myself. Old style steakhouse and the garlic bread is to die for!