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Aug 19, 2005 09:26 AM

mariko on bloor

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i noticed that mariko on bloor near bathurst has an all you can eat sushi for 14.99$....

now i saw a conditional pass in their window and i'm curious if anyone has gone there and what they thought of the food quality, cleanliness, etc.


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  1. I've been...if you want some quality..its not worth it. Only the salmon was good. We tried a few things and ended up ordering the salmon over and over because it was the only good thing in the sushi/sashimi offerings. Its great if you have a big eater...I think I read somewhere that Masa on Charles does it as well but it sounded like it did a better job.
    Service was- it was ok. They didn't rush us at all. It was laid back though. Not overly attentive either.

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    1. re: Janine

      what kind of food did they offer on the all you can eat menu? i'm guessing that they don't give you tuna sashimi.

      i work by Masa, and it seems much much nicer, but of course more expensive. I think it's only 3 or 4 dollars more though.

      1. re: jayseeca

        I like Mariko more for their traditional japanese dishes rather than sushi and sashimi... excellent dashi in their noodles and broth and probably the best spinach oshitashi in town. Good place for my vegetarian friends, they even have brown rice options for maki, but yeah i've found their fish to be lacking so if sashimi is your thing then probably steer clear.

        1. re: erewhon

          I second those thoughts - I look at their AYCE as getting a tasty yosenabe and a few bonus items.

    2. hello

      i was also there recently and was pleasantly surprised. although i wouldn't say it was amazing, the value is great. also it is japanese owned which is not the norm on bloor street as you may have noticed. i would agree that the traditional japanese food is far better than their sushi (which is not bad), their tempura was great and weirdly enough, they had great fried chicken! i'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a cheap and filling meal.

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      1. re: yum

        Gah..I went to this hole last night. It was about 7:45pm, we were hungry, and it was close to the Green P parking. I didn't look at the wall advertisements or even notice the price - just the fact that there was a lot of people in there.

        Lo and behold.. i don't think I ever left so much food behind :( Not that I ordered very much. The salmon sashimi wasn't very well cut - I could see little bits of skin on it, and they were irregular size. The "red snapper" was very obviously tilapia. They were the only two choices for sashimi on the menu. The miso was ok. The shrimp tempura was good. The salad greens were nice and crisp, but they ruined it was the dressing: the lettuce was swimming in a combination of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil, diluted with water. There was probably over 1.5 cm of "dressing" at the bottom of the small bowl. The vegetable tempura looked a bit sketchy - there were brown spots on them. I would guess it's old oil that the vegetable tempura was cooked in since the shrimp tempura was good. Very odd.

        The handrolls were crap. The spicy salmon filling in the handroll was ok, but it was loaded with LOTS of rice. And the Nori was old/stale and rubbery. I took a bite, then noticed the condition of the salmon sashimi, and declined to eat anymore. The Unagi nagiri wasn't very tasty: obviously very low quality unagi. I didn't even touch the unagi handroll to inspect it.

        And by this point, while prodding through the food, we noticed the beetle on the ground. Enough was enough, so we left the rest of the food, paid our bill, and bailed.

        Oh, the fried chicken wing was good. hard is it to do that?

        1. re: PhuFighter

          it was better when it was still in carrot common across the street. since, they've cut down on the menu for their ayce. i don't go there anymore

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        1. I miss the Mariko that was in the Carrot Common. It's gone downhill ever since they moved out of it, and I've avoided the Bloor location for that reason.

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