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Aug 17, 2005 05:42 PM

Best Bakery in Toronto

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Hello everyone,

I'll be in Toronto for the first time this weekend and I'm looking for a list of the best bakeries in town. Any suggestions? I'll be staying downtown but will have access to a car.


ps- Any suggestions on cheap(er) places to park downtown? I'll be staying near Richmond Street West and University Ave.

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  1. This board is for finding great chow, so please focus on Megan's request for bakery information. Cheap parking is off-topic and replies about parking will be deleted.

    1. You have many choices...Pain Perdue on St Clair Ave West...Rahier on Bayview South of Eglinton...Patachou...2 locations Yonge at Summerhill and St Clair West...and my fave Frangipane on Dupont at Madison...Miranda

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      1. re: Miranda

        I agree with the above, but can give you further suggestions downtown.
        Queen of Tarts on Roncensvalles has great tarts and pies
        I still like Dufflet's Pastry on Queen, but some might disagree
        Harbord Bakery has some really good European breads.
        Their sweets are more Eastern European, and not at par with the French Pastry shops.
        They are all downtown.

        1. re: erly

          Queen of Tarts is truly spectacular. Try the passionfruit raspberry tart or the chocolate chile tart. Great texture and balanced flavours.

        2. re: Miranda

          Rahier is great, but my favourite is The Bake Sale on Bloor St. W., just west of Royal York. Beautiful desserts, cakes and breads. My favourite is their Lemon Bars.

          1. re: mairbren

            Enjoyed Bake Sale's chocolate cupcake ($1.85) despite stiff icing; it's better than their mild vanilla cupcake with extra-stiff icing. One-bite choc chip cookies (4 for $1) satisfy a sweet craving.

        3. All good choices. Don't forget Clafouti on Queen West at Strachan as well as Alchemy in Kensington Market for great breads and those tasty cookies with unique flavor combinations.

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          1. re: munster

            market bakery in Kensington market is SO delish. cheap as well. $1.50 for a yummy haystack brownie (coconut/chocolate) or strawberry rhubarb square, dutch apple custard sqaure. etc etc etc.
            so good

            1. re: munster

              Yes, Clafouti would be my suggestion, as well. I always send friends of mine visiting Toronto in for a snack.



            2. I have yet to find a bakery that can do it all, but here are my picks for specific items:

              Cheese croissant, savoury shortbread cookies • Alchemy Baking (287 Augusta Avenue, in Kensington Market)
              The croissant is so perfectly buttery and crispy yet soft and mmmmm. Not too flaky...

              Apricot danish • Daniel et Daniel (248 Carlton Street)
              They usually sell out early. Balzac's in the Distillery carries their fruit danishes on Mondays only -- which truly makes going back to work on Mondays something to look forward to!

              Almond croissant • Brick Street Bakery (55 Mill Street, Distillery Historic District)
              Just the right amount of buttery almondiness. None of that cloyingly sweet pasty filling -- but if that IS your bag, try the almond croissant at Clafouti (915 Queen West).

              Key Lime tart • Osogood (874 College Street)
              Creamy tartness is nicely balanced with the chocolate coconut crust. Also excellent here are the Banana Cream tarts -- though Suchada doesn't make these as often.

              Fresh Berry cheesecake • Harbord Bakery (115 Harbord Street)
              If you like your cheesecake not too rich, but not too gelatinous.

              Baguette • Bonjour Brioche (812 Queen Street East)
              Lovely even without preserves. Butter is all I need.

              Rolls • wherever Fred's Breads are sold ^_^
              As the food runner at a now defunct bistro, I was responsible for preparing bread baskets. We served Fred's Breads. I don't think I'd ever eaten so much bread in my life. There is almost nothing as gratifying as cold hard unsalted butter on one of Fred's soft rolls -- OK, maybe that last sip of whipping cream from the carton.

              Happy Carbing!

              1. The Brick Street Bakery has a British twist to it. Eccles cakes, Bakewell Tarts, meat pies, etc., and the Distillery dDitrict, where it's located, is worth a visit. Excellent sandwiches as well!