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Aug 17, 2005 10:33 AM


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Any recommendations for Harbourfront? (Pre-Soulpepper theatre evening).

Somewhere fairly nice and around $40/person max.

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  1. There is a lack of worthwhile cuisine directly in the Harbourfront area. Basically nothing but chain fast food places.

    It's a relatively short walk or cab ride from the Entertainment district where Fred's Not Here would be a reasonable option in that range.

    1. Try the Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine on the second floor of the Queen's Quay Terminal Building. It perhaps my be called a "higher-end" Chinese restaurant, I have been going there for a number of years and have always found the food and service very good.

      The Harbour Sprots Grille at the back of 10 Yonge (at the corner of Queens Quay) has suprisingly decent food - don't get distracted by the "Sports Grille" in the name.

      1. Actually, Porticello at 370 Queens Quay (just east of Spadina) is a nice place for a dinner. The menu is not terribly adventurous (typical Italian fare), but it is well executed. The place is quiet, and the service is attentive. Overall, one of the few places I recommend to people wanting to dine in the Harbourfront area.

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          I agree completely about Porticello. I find the atmosphere comfortable and the Italian dishes excellent.

        2. Not too far away on Front St at George St just East of Jarvis...Romagna Mia...won the Risotto cook off ...and is a good restaurant...if you like risotto....they make a fabulous version in a wheel of parmigianno romanno...Miranda

          1. Still searching for a good spot to have a bite before theatre on a Friday night down at Harbourfront? Have not been in the 'hood for at least half a year now so I don't know whether there have been any new additions.

            Anyone? Anyone?

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              I was at Lago for lunch today, it's an offshoot of Il Fornello, but quite nice. We shared a cured meat and cheese plate (there's three sharing platters, antipasto, cheese and cheese and meat) which was very nice; crostini with mushrooms which were decent; grilled calamari salad (salad was very nice with a balsamic reduction, calamari a little rubbery); caprese salad. The first time I ate there was last summer, and if you get a patio table, the view and atmosphere is well worth it.

              I've been to the Harbour Grille a few times, and have not been impressed, for example, I ordered a spinach salad, which arrived with adult spinach instead of baby spinach; I haven't seen that in about 15 years. Do restaurants still do that, or am I mistaken?