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Aug 11, 2005 11:31 PM

Embrujo Flamenco Report

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Went to Embrujo Flamenco tonight with one dinner companion and we had a generally positive experience. I ordered a sangria, which was quite refreshing, a nice mix of wine and citrus.

We shared a number of items, including both (cold) soups (the gazpacho and the garlic almond). I enjoyed the garlic almond, with a lingering aftertaste of the nut, although the garlic taste can overpower in the beginning and make it taste a bit like a very garlicky hummus. My dining companion enjoyed her gazpacho, a concoction whose colour seemed to have been lightened by a starch or dairy. Both soups turned us both to the wonderful and refreshing possibility of ordering cold soup, which, before them wasn't a particularly appealing item.

For our non-soup related tapas we had the shrimp in chocolate sauce, a delicious sweet and salty blend with medium shrimp. The Tortilla (a potato cake) was less successful, having tasted as if it wasn't reheated properly and simply reminded me of leftovers. The Chicken with sherry was delicious, a good blend of mediterranean herbs, sherry, oil, and olives (without having to eat the olives :) ).

For dessert we tried the flan and the poached pear. The flan was delicious and rich (for a flan), although the boozy note in the sauce was a bit overwhelming for me. The pear was a pleasant surprise and made a very refreshing and eye pleasing dessert (it was chilled and served in a martini glass). A hint of cinnamon and a strong scent of pear was in the poaching liquid that was served underneath.

That food, plus a generous basket of mediocre bread, an entertaining flamenco (albeit somewhat loud) dance and water that I wish was refilled came to around 60 before taxes. One thing that irked me just a bit was when we were informed about the 25 dollar per person minimum AFTER we had already seated and began ordering. Otherwise, it was a positive experience for the both of us.

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  1. I went there with my wife for something different and had a really positive experience.

    We thought it was a cute, romantic little restaurant and found the food and entertainment was quite good.

    The two exceptions were the duck(which I thought was greasy, and undercooked) and the eggplant (which seemed overcooked and a bit bland). I understand duck can be served a little undercooked, but usually in that case, the skin is still crispy and the meat a little stringy. This was just rubbery.

    The chicken with fruit on the other hand, was delicious, as was the tortilla we had that night. So was the sangria and the custard tart.

    We found the service was a bit casual and overtly familar, but pleasant.

    I've heard complaints about the $30 minimum and over the restaurant's method of disclosing this information, but think it's unfounded. It's really no different than going anywhere with a live band, and I thought the restaurant made this fact very clear on the placards on the tables. But maybe that's just me.

    At first I thought it was a little bit pricy, but then again, you DO get dinner and a show, so maybe not, after all.

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    1. I did post a complaint about their not-very-transparent method of disclosing that information on a certain $$ minimum. I was treating my visitors from out of town, we were a table of 6 girls, and they informed us about the minimun of $25/person over the phone (only because I asked). Since we are 6 girls drinking sangria and eating (less), we obviously calculated all things into price and matched it (we were full already so we bought more drinks to make up for it). Then when we are about to pay the bill, they charged us $60 extra. The manager (who served us that evening) told us that it's $25/person excluding drinks. THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO! So we ended up spending more than we budgeted.

      Just for that, I will never go back. I enjoyed certain dishes, I enjoyed the dance, but I do not enjoy misinforming customers as such.

      1. Now that I have been a couple of times to see the dancing, I actually prefer to go when there isn't dancing. The dancing is too loud in that small space.