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Aug 3, 2005 06:30 PM

Venezuelan Restaurants?

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A friend from NYC told me about a favourite Venezuelan restaurant, and I wondered if anyone had been to, or heard of, such a thing in the GTA.

Apparently the food was a sort of Caribbean and Latin American fusion: lots of grilled seafood and coconut. Sounded pretty good.

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  1. I know of Mercadito, 798 St. Clair West. I've yet to go (it's for later this week).


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    1. re: Andrew Fung

      From what I've heard, Mercadito is the only Venezuelan restaurant in the city. I've been once, but didn't eat a full meal, just an arepa and salad. I enjoyed the arepa, but can't really comment on the rest of the food there. My friend had some sort of beef dish, which she enjoyed.

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      Any other Venezuelan restaurants in Toronto? It looks like Mercadito has closed.