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Aug 3, 2005 01:03 AM

Hainan Chicken Rice

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anyone knows where I can find a good plate of Hainan Chicken Rice, with nice steamed rice cooked with chicken fat? I'm willing to go anywhere in Toronto and York Region! Thanks!

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  1. Restoran Malaysia, southeast corner of Bayview and Major Mac in Richmond Hill, behind Mc Donald's

    busy at dinner times, especially weekends (sometimes booked for large parties)

    1. Hainan Chicken Rice is a signature dish from Singapore. Lion City in Missisauga is a Singapore restaurant run by people from there. I haven't tried their Chicken Rice but if you call ahead to make sure that they have it, you might want to try.


      p.s. I didn't like it when I tried it in Singapore.

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        Went to Lion City in Mississauga for the first time yesterday and they had really good Hainan Chicken rice with the proper garlic and chili sauces. At $7.50 it was a steal!

        Highly rec this mom and pop restaurant - it will be a weekly trip out to Mississauga for us. Laksa broth was fresh, spicy and hearty, and we also had this amazing pork and shrimp wrapped in bean curd sheet dish. YUM! Much to my surprise, everything was well executed!

      2. Sweet Basil on Bayview north of Major Mac in Richmond Hill also has it -- good flavour and not too greasy.

        1. My grandmother makes a wicked hainan chicken rice. LOL... My mom's isn't bad either. Lots of ppl like my mom's, since she cooks and caters for ppl.

          1. As a Singaporean immigrant to Canada, I've been disappointed by the many incantations of Hainan Chicken Rice that the GTA has to offer.. until now!

            If I can call anything comfort food, it'd have to be Hainan Chicken Rice! Thanks to my friends' recommendations, I found excellent substitute at Phoenix Restaurant in Markham (2 locations: woodbine/steeles, mccowan/hwy 7)... fresh, tender, springy, fragrant.. served with good chicken oil rice, the requisite garlic sauce and a thai sauce.. too bad they don't have good chili sauce to serve with it!

            And you know what the best part is? They de-bone the chicken! By all means, cook with the bone, but that doesn't mean you should have to eat with it! On my visit back to Singapore, every hawker debones their chicken to allow their customer to enjoy without the hassle. I was pleasantly surprise to find big hunks of meat without bone.

            I'd so be willing to have this once a week! Try it and let me know what you think!