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Sep 24, 2001 09:05 PM

Seattle Magazine rates Best Restaurants, Oysters, etc.

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Just got my 'Seattle Magazine' in the mail, and I'm in Chow heaven. They've rated Seattle's Best Restaurants in several catagories; ie. best steakhouse, oysters on the half shell, fish n chips (my favorite won, the Sunfish at Alki), best hole in the wall, barbeque, alehouse, charcuterie, new restaurant, most improved, and so on. Makes for a good read!

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  1. So who did the magazine staffer(s) list as best Hole in the Wall? I'm also curious about the Most Improved status.

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    1. re: Nikel

      Best Hole in the Wall:

      Winner: Paseo Carribean Food, 4225 Fremond Ave. N. "Main draw is the grilled pork sandwich on a hefty roll with fresh cilantro, sauteed onions and a finger-licking good garlicky sauce...dinners include marinated roasted chicken & grilled halibut or prawns in their secret red sauce, all served w/ black beans and rice, salad & corn on the cob".
      2nd: El Puerco Lloron, 1501 Western Ave.
      3rd: Mike's Chili Parlor, 1447 Ballard Way

      Most Improved:

      Earth & Ocean, W Hotel, 1112 4th Ave.
      2nd: Cafe Juanita, 9702 NE 120th Pl, Kirkland
      3rd: Six Seven, Edgewater Hotel, Pier 67, 2411 Alaskan Way

    2. so who won in oysters?

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      1. re: David Dowell

        Best Oysters on the Half-Shell

        Winner: Elliott's Oyster House, Pier 56
        ."Master shucker Hoc Song Ky reigns here, so you can be assured of expertly shucked oysters that won't have you spitting out shards of shell...dozen or more variety, well-trained staff..."

        2nd place: Brooklyn Steak, Seafood & Oyster House, 1212 Second Ave.

        3rd place: Flying Fish, 2234 First Ave.

        On another note, Best New Restaurant was one I hadn't heard of..."Supreme" 1404 34th Ave. (Madrona neighborhood). Eva was 2nd, and Market Street Urban Grill in Ballard was 3rd place. There are also a lot of other catagories, too.

        1. re: Leslie T.

          How is it that a place like Supreme would get best new restaurant? I've been there not once, but three times to give it a try. I thought maybe I just went when they were perfecting their service, so things may not have been up to par. I see mixed reviews, some of which rave to no end, and yet the place is empty. The food has been impeccable on a good night (one of my three), where I had the steak. And poor the other two.

          I definately felt like I could have saved the money and stayed home. Such a pricey venue should not come to the table with such foppery. I left feeling a little dissapointed. Have we Seattle foodies become too soft? When do we know when we're being taken?