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Freshwood Grill

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Anywone been to this place on Roncesvalles? Any suggestions for dinner in this area?

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    When you walk by the smell will pull you in but it's a bit on the greasy side. They have a lot of wraps that sound good on the menu but they put way too much mayo on them. I'm a vegetarian but my friends were unimpressed with the burgers. Nothing bad but nothing good. Tried in twice, same experience both times.

    There's a neat milkshake place nearby called Daddy-o's that I'd like to try out before summer ends. Could be a good place for dessert.

    1. I've been to the freshwood grill once, and enjoyed it. We sat in the back patio, which although slanted and small is probably nicer than sitting close to the grill in the summer.

      The food was good, not your generic burger and club sandwich, but nothing too fancy. I had a steak sandwich, and didn't find it overly saucy. They did have some daily fish specials that sounded appealing. We've been thinking of going back recently...it was a good, relaxing casual meal.

      1. I went once with my husband. I had the steak wrap. The steak was ok, slightly overcooked. It got a bit messy with all the juice from the mushroom in the wrap. Husband had the burger. It was just a regular burger at a regular resturant. The place was busy compared to the other restaurants on Roncey. So maybe we just picked the wrong items off the menu.

        Overall, it was ok. The food was alright. The patio is a good place to hang out in the summer.

        1. I'm generally a big fan, and have been going regularly for months now. The grill is very good, and the flavour it adds to many of the foods is very nice. But I've noticed the quality slipping in the last 2 or 3 months. For the first time, their brunches are ho hum. They have a killer smoked salmon bagel, but the last two weeks the bagel has been stale.

          Big mistake.

          1. I don't remember what we had but the brunch there was also quite good. They have a nice takeout menu too.

            1. There's also a Freshwood Grill in Kensington Market on Baldwin. Tried it last night for the first time and really enjoyed it. Started with sweet potato fries with two types of dipping mayo: chipotle and garlic, and both were really good. Had their breakfast sandwich which was a thick tasty wrap filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar, perfectly crisp bacon, tomatios, and grilled onions. Delicious.

              1. The one on Roncesvalles has a really nice back patio...more like somebody's backyard than a commercial area. Nice trees.

                I have no complaints about the food, either.

                1. i tried their pulled pork at the kensington and thought the entire experience was awful. from non existent and ignorant service to the unbelievably sour and badly filled pulled pork wrap they offer, i will never ever frequent this place again.

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                    Pretty much sounds like the experiences that my wife and I had during our couple of visits to the original location: food ranging from average to awful (including fries cooked in fat that was obviously well on the way to being rancid), and service ranging from indifferent to downright rude.

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                      The patio is nice...sometimes they have amazing soups esp apple curry soup if available.

                  2. I really enjoy the Kensington Freshwood Grill. It is a punk run establishment so go in expecting that and you'll be great. The chicken wrap is nice with bacon and guacamole. All the ingredients are high quality with organics and earthy tones. The eggs benny is pretty good for $9. Organic sausage, brie, goat cheese, etc and they are happy to do substitutions. The hollendaise is homemade and decent but a little too much butter cuz that's pretty much all I was getting from it. The fresh cut fries both potato and sweet potato are excellent. Perfectly cooked and the oil was fresh. The service is good. Gotta keep in mind your'e dealing with punks and punk culture. Not pretentious at all, honest but unrefined. The fresh squeezed oj was debatable. I really think this place is great and would recomend it over La Palette any day if your'e looking for a brunch in the market.

                    1. i had such a horrible experience the last time i went that this thread actually inspired me to start an account. it's one of those places that you go to, have a mediocre experience at, swear you'll never go again and somehow you end up there, on a desperate search for food. this happened to my boyfriend and i a couple weekends ago. there was too large of a line-up at B and we decided to walk down Roncesvalles. I kind of knew there wouldn't be much in terms of what we were looking for and i reluctantly went to the freshwood grill. well, everything from their crappy coffee (with disposable plastic cream and milk cups - c'mon! how wasteful and gross) to the smell of stale grease grossed me out. i ordered a caprese wrap that had bacon in it. the "wrap" tasted like naan that had been heaten up, left to get cold and then served to me again. the bacon was so salty that every time i got a piece of basil or mozzarella in my mouth i was relieved for some moisture and lack of saltiness. i basically filled up on fries, removed most of the bacon from my wrap, didn't finish the wrap and left feeling awful. i was full, but unsatisfied and really didn't feel like eating anything else. my boyfriend had a so-so burger. when i paid at the cash, i just felt like such a fool for paying for it. meanwhile, there were two girls at the table next to us and they were SO excited about eating there. call me a snob, but that's a place you go to for convenience or out of necessity maybe. there is nothing exciting about it.
                      also - regarding the last post - i wouldn't call freshwood grill a "punk" restaurant. even if it were, how is that supposed to be an excuse for the quality of the food? and recommending it over la palette is just ridiculous in my opinion.

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                        ...I think the punk refference was directed at the Kensington Market location, I've been to both but only had a memorable meal in the market, I actually quite like it, but don't see myself returning to the Roncese loc...agreed it's no excuse for poor service, but it is what it is...

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                          I think the "punk" comments were referring to the Freshwood Grill on Baldwin.

                          Freshwood Grill
                          197 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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                            Ooh Pistach Peas, remind me to never go to the Roncese location. Yes I was referring to the Kensington location. The reason I went to La Palette and left was due to the fact that they didn't have eggs benedict and that's what I was in the mood for. Also, the sole server trying to accomidate a soon to be packed restaurant was about to validate all the lousy reviews that place gets by chowhounds. The Freshwood in Kensington is yummy. Perhaps do a little bit of research before calling others decisions "ridiculous".

                            1. re: food face

                              my experience with freshwood in the market was awful and i would never return.

                              i've written about it before, but between servers who didn't even seem to care or notice that we were trying to order food and a pulled pork sandwich drenched in vinegary coleslaw and very little meat... i can't ever justify going there again.

                              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                                I had never been before but went tto the Kensington location this weekend and ended up getting two perfect burgers. Probably the best I've ever had in this city in fact.

                                Strikes me as the kind of place where you need to have realistic expectations going in. Not stray to far on the menu from what they do well (burgers). And accept the service and atmosphere for what it is.

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                                hey food face, i wasn't trying to diss you by using the word ridiculous. i just really like the food at la palette, so i was surprised that someone would recommend freshwood over it, that's all. i am still very hesitant to try the freshwood in kensington though.

                            2. for those who have been to either location, are they clean or is this really a greasy spoon diner style spot? also, is one location better then the other in your opinion?

                              1. I went to the Kensington location with a friend for a 2 pm lunch and we thought it was quite good. I had the burger with a slice of swiss and salad and my friend had the huevos freshwood.
                                The patty was cooked through but still moist and really flavourful. The bun was nicely toasted and was a good size to the patty. The slice of swiss was tasty and a good thickness (often i find cheese on burgers negligible because of bland cheese or really thin slices). The salad was generous and had an asian sesame dressing.
                                My friend said his egg dish was perfect and liked the pork. I thought there could have been a bigger portion of the pork but he happy.
                                I didn't notice the punk attitude and our service was good. The server checked on us, took our orders quickly and got everything we asked for promptly.
                                The only thing that would have been better would be homemade condiments and getting some green tea.