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Sep 19, 2001 02:40 PM

North African sought in Seattle

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I haven't had North African food in Seattle since Tangiers closed on Capitol Hill. Where can one go for non-Ethiopian African cuisine now?


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  1. Afrikando (2904 1st Ave) is the only place that comes to mind. It is West African fare - not North African though. My favorite is the tamarind juice.

    1. after seeing gail's post, i asked a moroccan friend who's tied into the north african community in seattle if he could recommend anything, and, much to my dismay, he said there are NO north african restaurants to be had in the greater seattle area.

      if any of you chowhounds know otherwise, please do tell!

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        Capitol Club, on Pine, is quasi-Moroccan. Demi-Moroccan. Hemidemisemi-Moroccan. Whatever. It's the nearest excuse to N African that I know.