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Jul 21, 2005 07:36 PM


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CHORIZO, Loctaed in the Clarkson Crossing plaza at
Southdown and Lakeshore Rds has won my fast food heart! They have kept it simple and its works!
All ingrediets are prepared on site and all orders are made ala minute (chef talk for prepared when ordered).Nothing under a heat lamp or nuked.Its so nice to have homemade, fresh guacamole and salsas. While I was there they were grilling pablano peppers for one of the salsas.Food Guy 905 had soft shell tacos and the taco salad.Both got the Food guy 905
Two Spatulas up rating and recommendation.

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  1. De donde? Where's this guy from? What else is on offer? Homemade guacamole and salsa are nice but are still, like, no-brainers.Taco salad is a Phoenix mall food court staple. Is this supposed to be "Mexican" food? Tell us more...

    1. I agree place is top notch. Best homemade chorizo I have tried. Everything is fresh, tasty and healthy. Highly recommend this place. My favorites are the steak or chorizo fajitas.

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      1. re: ricarica

        Like chorizo is health food? That place was/is like an haute Taco Bell. Blech!

        1. re: Kagemusha

          Really? I think it's better than most places.. granted I've only been there like twice, its far from where i live.. but I liked the fact it was grilled to order. I remember the meat portions being stingy though

      2. Quite good for a chain and when you don't want to hike it up HWY 10 to el sombrero. Given there isn't anything else close to this Mississauga or Oakville it works for me. I usually have the veg tacos with rice,pinto beans and salsa verde.

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        1. re: juliewong

          Pass. Better, fresher ingredients now widely available for DIY make this place unnecessary--especially for their very basic menu items. They get by simply because most GTA hounds haven't had better Mexican grub and so lack much basis for comparison.

          1. re: Kagemusha

            True you can gather all ingredients easily however and yes I have better Mexican grub but when I want a quick lunch and don't wish to trek to trek a distance this fits the bill.

        2. been there a few times myself i find it a little (and i say LITTLE) bit fresher tasting than the buritto boys in port credit but they are a I think stingier on the ingredients as duckdown had mentioned. I view them as a fancier version of buritto boys with a few more menu items.

          I Think think this place is trying to emulate a chain i used to frequent in the state called QDoba which is a mexican style eatery, very good as well i might add.


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          1. re: youdonut

            burrito boyz makes me sick. chorizo grill is so much fresher. who grills burritos in mexico.. uhnobody.

            fat bastard opened near me a few months ago, maybe 6 now even, and burrito boyz just opened across teh street on queensway. why can't chorizo grill open here, i still have to drive to clarkson. bb and fb are both so bad i go all the way to clarkson, even tho i can walk in 2 min to the other 2.

            Chorizo Mexican Grill
            950 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J2Y4, CA

            1. re: torontochris

              I like Chorizo too, but the meat portions are way chincy