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Indonesian Layer Cake

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  • Christina Jul 21, 2005 12:35 PM
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Where can I find Indonesian Layer Cake in Toronto?? Anyone knows? Please help!

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  1. good luck. the only time i get indonesian layer cake is if someone i know makes it.

    1. Haven't seen any around. You can find something similar at Vietnamese stores. If you are downtown, the Vietnamese sub stores on Spadina usually carry them. Most Chinese grocery stores, including T&T carrires them as well. Good fix for desperate times. :-)

      1. There's an Indonesian lady who imports layer cake from Indonesia.Her name is Elke and her number is (416)996-5077. She's a distributor of Indonesian food and spices in Ontario.

        1. There is a Malaysian fast food restaurant(sorry I can't remember the name) at 4465 Sheppard Ave East that sells it from time to time. They usually have right by the cash register.

          1. It's called Gourmet Garden, located at Sheppard and Brimley. They buy the cakes from Elke (Oey Trading) as well.

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              Here's their website

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                what is this layer cake?

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                  Here is what it typically looks like:


                  It's just one of the Indonesian cakes. It's made from a lot of layers so it takes a bit more work to put together :) As a kid, it was always fun to try and peel and eat it layer by layer .. hehe...

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                    In Indonesian language it's call " Lapis legit, Lapis Surabaya "