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Sep 17, 2001 01:29 PM

What's good at the Honey Court?

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After spending the afternoon at the flower vigil at the Seattle Center, my companion and I wandered downtown for supper. We love to eat at the Shanghai Garden, and have long been fans of their 14 Flavor Bean Curd, the Dry Roasted Long Green Beans, the Steamed Fish in Yellow Leeks and the Szechwan Eggplant with Pork.

But, I have recently started reading the board postings, and found people raving about Honey Court, so we thought we would give it a try. We liked the divey atmosphere, and after studying the menu thoroughly, ordered the Chow Fun noodles with seafood, the Duck with Taro Hot Pot and the Crab with Heart of Chinese Greens.

Our first dish arrived after several other tables who had ordered after us had received all their dishes. We waited patiently, looking forward to our dinner. The first dish they brought out was the Chow Fun. It was a brownish greasy glob of tasteless noodles, with a few very tasty stray pieces of seafood, and very delicious sweet onion hidden amongst the noodles. After another long wait, ten or 15 minutes, the Hot Pot arrived, duck with the skin on and chunks of Taro sizzling away in brown gravy. It was hot but unremarkable, that's all I can say. In the longest wait of all, the third dish finally arrived, and while the crab and steamed broccoli looked very good, there was some sort of poached eggwhite sauce poured over the top that did not appeal to me, since I don't like runny eggs. (Both of the last two dishes would have benefited from rice, something we requested with the rest of the order at the beginning of the meal. With no waiter in sight, we asked a bus boy if he could help, and the steamed rice appeared at the end of the hour we had been in the restaraunt.)
The crab appeared to be very, very fresh, and the broccoli appeared to be steamed perfectly to a bright, light green. But the egg goo on top, and the lack of rice throughout the meal was a big disappointment, as was the Chow Fun and the Duck Hot Pot.

Where did we go wrong? What is it that you rave about at the Honey Court? We are willing to give it another try.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I've always had good food & service there. I recommend the following:

    -appetizer of Batter Fried Squid (not on menu, so ask for it). This is delicious.
    -Barbequed Duck (we always get this)
    -Hot Pot of Seafood & Bean Curd
    -Crab from the tank (w/Ginger or Black Bean Sauce)
    -Shrimp from the tank (salt & pepper, or butter & garlic (you have to LOVE garlic for that one)
    - Honey Court Prawns (Crispy Prawns with Honey Walnut)
    -Black Pepper Beef Steak on Hot Plate
    -Mixed Vegetables
    I've also had a couple of things I can't remember the names of, I think pork w/ vegetables, and scallops w/ vegetables, and they were good, too.

    We've also been there a couple of times for Dim Sum, which was good, too.

    Good Luck! I hope your next visit will be better, and I think that's great that you are giving them a second chance.

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      I second the Honey Ct. Prawns. When I was there a few weeks ago, I enjoyed their hot and sour soup (slight emphasis on "hot"). My table also ordered prawns with garlic noodles, which had a nice subtle garlic taste but was sort of a pain to eat, since you had to peel the prawns yourself. Sorry to hear about your experience w/ the food and service. If and when you're there again, please post your thoughts.

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