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Jul 16, 2005 09:25 PM

British Fish and Chips

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I passed by the British Fish and Chips place by Gerrad street today. Is it any good? I've been looking for a place in Toronto with the best fish and chips, preferably wrapped up in a newspaper, to give it a fun, authentic feel. Thank you.

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  1. Head to B & B on Queen, just east of Pape. Really good, and yes, wrapped in a newspaper (albeit a chinese newspaper).

    Sorry, I haven't tried British Fish and Chips.

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      British fish and chips are okay, nothing out of the ordinary. Personally I prefer Duckworths on the Danforth just past Main st. Not wrapped in newspaper, but crisp and not greasy, which is my preference.

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        I'd have to agree with B & B. Really great prices something like 3 something for halibut (only type)and like 1.50 for chips? It's somewhere around the 4-5 dollar range for FnC. I usually go with friends and get 2 fish each and split the order of chips since the single order is fairly large. Their fish cakes and mushrooms aren't bad either!

      2. No doubt about it Best Best FnC......Penrose on Bayview just north of Davisville...newspaper...lots of vinegar....Miranda

        1. Their fish is nice. The halibut is not too greasy and not too much batter. The chips are great too.
          They give you enough chips for 3 people though so we usually order 1 order of F&C and one extra piece of fish.

          1. Thank you everyone with the suggestions! I will definitely check it out! =)

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              British Fish and Chips is the best. There was a great place in the beach on Queen, but I forgot it's name and they changed owners so it's not as good.

              British has the freshest fish I've ever eaten at a F&C house.

            2. is it on coxwell or gerrard?

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                It's actually on Dundas just east of Coxwell (at the back of a building that fronts onto Coxwell). However, it has changed ownership since this thread was first posted three years ago. If you do a search, you'll find comments about how the quality has gone downhill since the change.

                British Style
                73 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4L3B1, CA