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Jul 16, 2005 10:35 AM

chinese & japanese in toronto

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dear chowhounds-- I'm going to toronto for a weekend trip in early august, any suggestions for good chinese (esp. cantonese) & japanese restaurants? We'll be staying in downtown--and will have a car for at least one day.


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  1. reviews:

    City Inn (Market Village: Kennedy & Steeles in Markham
    Dragon Dynasty Chinese Cuisine
    2301 Brimley Road,

    Ding Tai Fung
    First Markham Place, 3235 Hwy. 7 E. (near Woodbine), 905-943-9880

    Fang's Restaurant
    3225 Hwy 7,


    Japango Sushi
    122 Elizabeth Street,
    downtown Toronto

    22 Front St. W., downtown toronto

    451 Church St., downtown 416-920-8991

    655 Bay Street,
    Toronto, ON

    Toshi Sushi
    Address: 565 King St. W. (at Portland St.),

    30 St. Patrick St., downtown Toronto

    Hiro Sushi
    171 King St. E., 416-304-0550

    69 Front St, East

    Kuni Sushi Ya (all you can eat menu
    20 Baldwin Street,
    downtown Toronto,

    Sushi King (all you can eat menu)
    15 Hayden Street,

    Hashimoto Kaiseki Yu-zen
    6435 Dixie Road Unit 10
    Mississauga, Ontario

    Sushi Kaji
    860 The Queensway, Etobicoke

    2803 Eglinton Ave. E.,Scarborough

    280 West Beaver Creek Rd., Richmond Hill, 905-764-9291


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      I don't know about the others, but Dragon Dynasty Chinese Cuisine is certainly not Cantonese. It's Hong Kong, like most of the other Chinese restaurants that have opened in the last 10 years.

    2. Should you have the budget, there's nothing like Kaji Sushi. Chef Kaji is truly a master - he's got to be one of the best chefs in Canada. Kaji is a real experience - the tasting menu is truly incredible. Sushi is only one course - prepare for about 10 different Japanese courses. It's going to cost you a lot, but if you can afford it, it's worth every penny.

      As for Chinese, if you're in the downtown Chinatown (Spadina Road), Lee Garden is one of the very best restaurants. The dishes are more delicately flavoured yet tastier than at other places; they're better presented and more heart-smart, too. (Worth paying a little more for - but still very reasonable.)

      1. Asian Legend on Dundas at a must for Chinese...Dim Sum or Dinner...there are lots of Japanese choices...I like Nami on Adelaide St E at Toronto St....Miranda

        1. Here's the top 25 Chinese according to the Now.


          1. f
            Frances in Toronto

            Unfortunately downtown Toronto doesn't have great Cantonese food. If I had to choose, I would go to Rol San in Chinatown for dim sum (average price). If you want to spend double but get a bit better food and definitely better service/atmosphere, you can go to Dynasty at 131 Bloor St West for dim sum. Lee's Garden is probably the best place in Chinatown.

            As for Japanese -- the best I've had downtown in terms of just the food itself, is Japango. It is a very small place but is the fish ever fresh. It is run by authentic Japanese. I really like the butterfish nigiri sushi, and also the Alaska Roll and the Japango Roll (both are same, a california roll with seared salmon on it, but latter has seared scallop pieces on it). If you are to try one Japanese place in downtown TO, I would say go to Japango. Address is 122 Elizabeth (south of Dundas). I would say this sushi place is better than most of the good sushi places in Vancouver, which is saying a lot!

            happy eating!