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Jul 15, 2005 01:22 PM

Panorama Lounge

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What's this place like? I've always wanted to go and I'm thinking of bringing someone from out-of-town.

Swanky/stuffy? How's the food, service, price? Best time to go?

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  1. Neither the food, the service or the place are even worth the visit. Been there 2-3 times and none of those times have been impressive. Think the view is the only thing about the place, but I find that wears thin after awhile and can't support the fact there's nothing else there!

    1. I agree...the decor is outdated, the staff is amateur,and the prices are high.
      If you want to take a guest for drinks with a view,go west on Bloor to Avenue and go to the Rooftop Bar at the hotel on the corner.( I cannot recall the name of the hotel)

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        it's called The Roof and it's at the top of the Park Hyatt Hotel. we went last year and plan to do the same this year. it was really nice after dinner for drinks. it's too bad their cheese plate was imported, though.

      2. Our bill for 2 cocktails, 2 cappucinos and 2 desserts came to about $70 including tips . The apple tart with creme anglaise was a soggy tart with almost no apple accompanied by a scoop of low-grade vanilla ice cream. I'm not sure why they thought ice cream was suitable substitute for creme anglaise. The cocktail I ordered mentioned it contained cream- I was expecting something like a white Russian, but received a milky cocktail in a stemmed glass with about 5 inches of whipped cream on top.
        Also, the elevator that takes you to Panorama looks like a service elevator- definitely steals a little romance from the trip to the best view in Toronto.

        1. Went there on Saturday night and had one of the worst restaurant experiences in the city. Service was brutal and the food took 50 minutes to arrive (apps and mains came at the same time) and they were stone cold. The waitress tried to explain to me that they were very busy and that's why the food took so long. (Except for the reality that 80-90% of the place was only drinking, his being 10:00pm on a saturday night). I asked her if it took so long then why was the food ice cold. I think the question stumped her. For dining, avoid this place. It's is a bar, not a restaurant. It has beautiful views and the seating is nice, but I would rather eat a street hotdog than order here again.

          1. I would be wary about the quality and value of the food in any place that has the word "Lounge" in its name! Those places are usually for drinks and atmosphere. I was at the Panorama at a group function and the only memorable thing was the view (and others complaining that "Toronto's such an ugly city"!)