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Jul 15, 2005 12:36 PM

Tandoori Time plus comments about Anjappar Chettinad

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I'd like to try out Tandoori Time next week. I eat Indian food regularly and have heard about this restaurant. Where exactly is it? What sort of things does it serve and what is worth trying? I was out at Anjappar Chettinad in Scarborough this week and wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. The curries did not satisfy me, the biriyani chicken rice had some bones that kept appearing as I chewed. Curry prawns were sooooo salty. It's definitely not the south Indian cuisine served in Mississauga at Saravana Bhavann. What a delight this place is. Every item that comes out of the kitchen makes my mouth water. It's a shame that it's so far out for me

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  1. Tandoori Time has 2 locations, one on Albion almost at the lights at Westmore, first light east of Hwy. 27. The other location is further south in Brampton/Mississauga. The food is absolutely excellent, thali plate, kebobs, etc. It is unlicenced for alcoholic beverages and a nice, clean restaurant in a former KFC outlet.

    1. I found Tandoori Time's food delicious and the restaurant clean and bright. The fish and chicken tikka are my favorite and I love their fresh oven baked naan. It's definately better than some places I've tried.

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        Yes, they are excellent --- I forgot to mention that you can see through the window inside the restaurant, the kebobs and fresh naan baking in the oven! Sorry, but time is limited and I do take the enjoyment for granted sometimes!

      2. talking about tandoori all this days i didnt know that Saravana Bhavann which is a veg resturent has tandoori.

        tandoori is non-veg.

        i have been so many times to anjappar oh may god what a place to go.

        they have a lot of items as i write it makes me hungry

        shrimp biriyani,prawn65,mutton sukka varuval,chicken tikka all those i love it; its great in there.also should not forget the crab masala.

        i would be glad to recommend to my friends and family that anjappa is a fine south indian restaurant that give the taste of india .

        1. the quality is deterioating.... stay away from biriyani - it used to be good; but it stinks now.

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            hmmm, I don't think so. I've been numerous times now, and it's still up there. The only thing that bothered me was the quality of the coconut chutneys. They have fallen below the bar, but otherwise, this place is one of the best right now.

            1. re: Suresh

              Unfortunately I would agree that Anjappar has gone down, at least at its original Scarbro location which is the one I know. We were among its earliest fans as previous postings will testify, but lately, the portions have become smaller and oilier and the quality has definitely gone down, and they have stopped making many of the dishes they have on the menu. Still good compared with most of the curryhouses downtown but I am very sad about what it used to be...

              On the tandoor issue, tandoori is a style of North Indian cooking in a tandoor oven, so both meat as well as veg dishes such as paneer can be prepared this way. The Richmond Hill branch of Saravana Bhavan serves North Indian as well as South Indian veg food.