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Jul 12, 2005 07:18 PM

Mexican Coke?

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Where can I get this in Toronto? I know Canadian coke doens't use corn syrup like the american version (tastes awful). However the sugar used in the canadian version does not taste like cane sugar to me.

I know in the US, they sell a passover version a few weeks prior to the holiday. Reason being grain products are not allowed during passover and corn falls into the that. To my knowledge, it uses a beet sugar though, not cane sugar.

I just love the mellow taste of mexican coke vs what we have here. Does anyone know of places to get it? Preferrably in glass bottles.

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  1. The larger format No Frills stores in the west GTA carry several varieties of Mexican pop, mostly citrus based.Doubt you'll find Mexican Coke, though.

    1. I don't know if it was beet or cane sugar but we had the Passover Coke here as well. I believe everywhere else in the world uses sugar except N.A., which explains why Coke Light is superior to Diet Coke (blech).

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        Michelle Karpik

        I recently found something like you've described.It's an American brand(Boylan Bottling)called Sugar Cane Cola in 11.6 oz. glass bottles at the IGA in Thorncrest Plaza(Etobicoke..1500 Islington at Rathburn). Hope this helps(I enjoyed it!)

        1. Most Costco's that I have been to carry Mexican Coke. A case ( 24 pack ) cost something like 15 - 20 USD.

          According to Google, there is one in Toronto.

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            Unfortunately Costco Canada doesn't carry Mexican Coke.

            Since this got bumped up, I've found a source for it. The latino markets on Augusta will carry Mexican Coke, Pepsi, Jarritos, etc....

          2. I thought Canadian coke did use HFCS like in the states, very interesting if they don't.

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              They do but it's under the auspicious label of "sugar/glucose-fructose". Which probably means a mixture of both sugar and hfcs.

              The taste between American and Canadian coke is indeed different. I can't stomach the American stuff.