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Jul 12, 2005 11:34 AM

Woodbridge restaurants

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I go to woodbridge a lot but have not found that one restaurant that would make me want to come back. There are Italian restaurants on every inch of that community but nothing spectacular.

Can anyone make any reccomendations. Looking for home cooked meals, best pizza, and those Italian sandwiches that I hear about but have never got to try one.

Much appreciated.

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  1. Well, since you're asking about Woodbridge and not about Italian... There is good Thai resto on the SW corner of Marycroft @ Highway 7. Thai-Canadian (less spicy than original) but very flavorful food.

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      This Thai restaurant does not exist anymore. It changes to a Chinese restaurant now: Eastern Sense Chinese Cuisine.

    2. There is a very similar thread from a few days ago. Check it out:

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        1. Casual, but great pizza available at Nino D'aversa Bakery at Kipling and Woodbridge Avenue. Don't buy the slices, go to the menu at the wood burning oven. There is a sit down area, just tables and chairs. Very well worth a try!!

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