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Jul 11, 2005 02:24 PM

Hollywood Gelato- Thanks!

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Well my thirty days in Toronto are almost up and I am preparing a long raves and rants review... but I just have to thank everyone who recommended Hollywood Gelato to me! It was worth the trip (subway to Eglinton, my first trip on a Toronto bus to Bayview, about 2 blocks south and then heaven).

The "coconut cream pie" is an instant addiction: coconut gelato is already my fave, and they add toasted coconut and BIG CHUNKS of PIE CRUST. I was, I must report, blown away.

The only thing they need is maybe a few more flavours (two freezers would be nice) and of course more flavours.

Still have to try for that one on St Claire. But I'm happy!

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  1. Just out of interest, have you tried the Gelato at this place? Just saw a great review.

    Solferino Cafe
    38 Wellington Street East
    (416) 364-8478

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    1. re: Kate

      I had it- it was pretty good, but expensive. Worth a try, but I would say Soma is better.

      1. re: jill

        The hazelnut was rich- though I thought a bit too much sugar. It had a nice consistency, and I find the nut gelatoes generally quite on par. Try the chocolate date flavour- quite a combination!

        1. re: CC

          I go there every so often, but I think they're having trouble with their freezer. The first time I went the consistency was perfect. Every time since either all of their flavours are frozen hard as a rock or half of them are frozen stiff and the other half are almost liquid.

          Perhaps once the summer cools down the texture of their gelato will become more consistent -- but that seems a shame to have to wait until it's not hot anymore to eat perfect gelato.

      2. re: Kate

        I have tried both Solferino's (three times in fact) and Soma. Neither comes remotely close to Hollywood- and this isn't just because of the over-the-top, what Debbie Field of Mrs Field's Cookies called, "exaggerated content" (like those hunks of pie crust). It's because only Hollywood seems to comprehend, among all the gelato I've found here (and I am including the Fresco that seems to be for sale everywhere, as well as the gelato at Dominion), that gelato is not supposed to be frozen as hard as a rock.

        Solferino has some lovely flavours; their chocolate is tremendous, but the stuff is just too damn cold. I have gone there three times because it is a nice walk from where I am staying and they also make tremendous espresso, and they are very nice people as well, but I would not rave about their gelato.

        Soma was very expensive; they only have six flavours (Amato Gelato, the one I go to in Calgary, has at least 48 every day), the product is too hard, and what pissed me off was that the schlub behind the counter would only let me sample ONE. "One?" "One." I could not believe it.

        But the distillery district is cool and Balzac Coffee kicks espresso ass.

        1. re: Kate

          I've been going to solferino since the first day they opened their doors. Their gelato is absolutely amazing. I am having trouble deciding which is my favorite flavour. Everytime I go there I try a new one,and it is always delicious.

          You have to go there by all means.

          And, by the way..have you tried their coffee in the morning?

          1. re: Alfredo

            Il Gelatiere is by the far the best gelato place in Toronto!!

            1. re: callitasicit

              I recently visited Hollywood because Il Gelatiere was closed early as per usual. I was really impressed with what I had. The pistacio was soo good and had a great texture and the skor gelato was equally tasty. I still believe Il Gelatiere is better but Hollywood isn't that far back.

        2. I love HG. they keep teasing me because they take my fave flavour away in the winter. I've promised to boycott if it leaves this year. Great coffee for the price too.

          1. I was very sad because I went in for the tiramisu, and they didn't have it this last time! I had to settle for cookies and cream and a strawberry shortcake like ice cream. They are very good with chunks of yummy cake-like substances in their gelato. I feel those are their strongest flavours. But I found their chocolate gelato had a slightly odd taste, and once again the toasted marshmallow lacked a burnt marshmallow flavour. I'll stick to their chunky gelato I think.

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            1. re: moh

              I just recently had the tahitian vanilla and it was soooo good!!!