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Jun 26, 2005 09:52 PM

Miga Korean & Japanese Bbq Restaurant in Mississauga

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Has anyone been to Miga Korean & Japanese Bbq Restaurant on Dundas in Mississauga? Do you get to cook the food on a grill or is it prepared for you?


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  1. Miga is run by the former crew of the original Doori on Central Pkwy. Decor is upscaled along with prices.Table cooking is apparently still available.I liked the original Doori but all who've visited Miga kvetch about the price with no appreciable improvement in food or service.The room's supposedly attractive and the food sounded just fine. I'm planning on going sometime this summer. It's located across the street from the auto mall on Dundas W. at Glen Erin(just west of Erin Mills Pkwy.

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      My family of five went to the Miga, the Korean & Japanese BBQ Restaurant in Mississauga last Sunday for my wife's birthday dinner.

      I would NOT go back there for the following reasons:
      - All of our dresses needed laundry after the dinner because of the BBQ fume landed our clothes-terriable smell. The exhaust fan they have above on each table did not suck out the BBQ fume. So prepare for this if you want go there.
      - The price seems too steep for the meal we had. We spent $90 including 10% tip, but I was still hungry when we get out from there.
      - The service was not there. The waitress apologized at the end. She said they were too busy. For the service business, this should not be the excuse.

      No more Miga for me.

    2. Yup, the grills are up and running now so you can eat and cook at the table!!!

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        The meat was fresh and well marinated. Not over salty like every other All-you-can-eat Korean Grill house out there.

        But I must say... Please do something to clear out the smoke! The ventilation is horrible in there especially when the restaurant is busy.

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          Anyone have anything to say about the hotpots? I'm going to Miga soon with a friend and want to avoid the BBQ. I'd rather have something interesting.