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Sep 4, 2001 01:20 PM

Best bread in seattle

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Who sells the best breads in seattle?

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  1. I've recently become a big fan of the Essential Baking Company thanks to having their bread at a lot of local restaurants. The loaf we had at Eva last week was so good, I've been thinking of driving over to the bakery to get some (maybe tomorrow morning!).
    And here's where I put in a pitch for Eva: that place is great. And totally affordable. Go now before they really get discovered (do try the mussels w/ginger and garlic if they're on the menu and the cabrales flan w/pear relish was OUTSTANDING).
    I stop in at the Grand Central every so often, but I think their bread is just ok.
    I know where I won't go again...The Pain Au Four Bakery (or something like that) across the street from the Uptown Espresso on Second (is that Second? I think that's Second). I stopped in for some pain au levain (they didn't have any) and wound up with a loaf of rye that was awful and a loaf of rustic that was barely better than what I could do in my own kitchen (with is pathetic). Maybe it was just a bad day for their bakers, but I wasn't impressed.

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      I'll put in my vote for Essential. I just can't go too long before I have to have either their rosemary bread or the olive bread. I think its killer great.

    2. Leslie Mackie at Macrina Bakery, and Ciro Pasciuto at La Panzanella.

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        i agree with ben. my favorite is the macrina potato bread. had ciro's bread with soup and it is very memorable.

        i also really like the honey whole wheat from the old mill baking company in bellevue. excellent! that's my current favorite.

      2. I really like the french baguettes at Le Panier in the pike place market. They've also got the best Palmiers in town and some great coffee, too. great place on a rainy sunday morning.

        1. Macrina and Grand Central Bakery are among my favorites.

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            . . .along with Macrina and the other that you note

          2. On someone's suggestion, I bought a loaf of Old
            Mill Bread in Bellevue. It was inedible!
            My bread addiction is the bread stick with pepper
            at Grand Central Bakery. Late in the day they are
            55cents and still delicious.