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Sep 3, 2001 01:48 PM

lunch east side of lake washington

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where can I take a group of eight for a great lunch-is a great lunch available lakeside or with interesting vista?

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  1. Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue has a great view-- its on top of the Hyatt. It is an expense account place, but I have never been disappointed or felt that I was robbed. I have taken groups of eight or more customers there for lunch several times and the service was good. My wife and I consider it the best place on the east side for steak.

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      Agreed on Daniel's.. spendy, but very good steak. Definitely for the expense report crowd. Dinner for two: easily $125 (w/out drinks). I can't recall the lunch prices, but I remember them being up there in the higher end.

      I like Yarrow Bay Grill and the Yarrow Bay Beach Cafe right on Lake Washington in Kirkland for lunch. The upstairs grill is in the same price range as Daniels and the quality is superb (as good as the Vickie McCaffree days, I think). The view is fabulous (they've got a great deck). The more casual Beach Cafe has an interesting theme featuring a changing regional menu. Chef Cameon Orel is the world flavors goddess. The prices are a little easier on the wallet at the Yarrow Bay Beach Cafe.

      Another good view place is the Third Floor Fish Cafe in Kirkland (just up the street a mile or so from Yarrow Bay). But I can't remember if they serve lunch or not.

      Szmania's, across the street from the cafe, also is open now for lunch. No views, but spectacular NW style food.

      If on a budget, I can recommend Spazzo's in Bellevue. Nice view (although lots of construction cranes were our view the last time I ate there), affordable food... although quality suffers sometimes. They have a lengthy tapas menu at dinner. Not sure what the lunch menu is like, but you could always call and ask.

      Hope these help!