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Jun 23, 2005 12:55 AM

hot dog joint in Hamilton

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I was once taken to a hot dog place somewhere in hamilton. it was supposedly very popular among the locals and had been around for many years. the hot dog weiners were cooked in beer. the place was up the hill somewhere and was like in an old small house or trailer... that's all I can vaguely remember.

Does anyone know this place? if the place is still around and how to get there?


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  1. Could it be Easterbrooks (in Burlington)? Does the below picture look familiar?


    Easterbrooks Hotdog Stand
    (905) 527-9679
    694 Spring Gardens Road
    Burlington, ON

    Here's a link to the map:



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    1. re: coffeelover

      hm... the photo does look familiar. perhaps it was Burlington and not Hamilton.

      Thanks for the info!!


      1. re: t.c

        Easterbrooks is a great hot dog place, but I don't think they cook their hot dogs in beer.

        There is also a location at Guelph and New St

    2. Easterbrook's is by far the best hot dog I have ever had.

      In particular - the Wonderdog, with fried onions, melted cheese, tomatoes, and bacon.

      1. Easterbrook's is beside the cemetery near the botanical gardens, just off Plains road in Burlington. Near the 403/Plains Rd interchange. It has been there since the 30's. There is also another Easterbrook's location, I think on the Hamilton mountain (?)or somewhere else in Burlington, that looks like a little red chalet. Best hot dogs in the world!