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BEST Cheap Samosas

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Where do I find the best cheap samosas?


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  1. Hi,

    don't know what part of the City you live in but there is a small East Indian Store in a strip mall on Dixie Road, just north of Burnhamthorpe.

    The Samosas are 3 for $1.00 and if you go in the afternoon, they are usually still warm, and just delivered.

    Also, while you're in that mall, try Cora's for lunch - it's fantastic and only open til 3:00 p.m. - they just serve breakfast and lunch.

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      Where do I find the best cheap samosas in the westend?


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        This store is in East Mississauga!! just a few blocks outside of Etobicoke!!! Don't know where you are in the west end but if you drive, it's very handy.
        I live in westend Etobicoke and shop there all the time, it's only a 10 minute drive

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          I think that samosas 3 for a buck are from a restaurant called Village of India.

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            Where is it?


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              It is in Mississauga. I just searched for their address and found it:

              1011 Eglinton Avenue East - (905) 238-9219

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                It's in the stripmall at Eglington and Tomkin, Mississauga

        2. Embassy Samosa King in the east end, at Middlefield & Finch, the plaza with the Pizza Pizza.

          The Samosas go 5 for $1 + tax .. although I'm absolutely addicted to their mutton rolls (75 cents) -- so spicy, so muttony .. their vada are pretty good too, at 3 for $1 ..

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            I would have to agree. The samosas at Samosa King are great & a deal-o-rama. My Indian parents trek out from mississauga to buy them from this place (they buy 50+ at a time...samosas freeze excellently for months).

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              Also how long would you say they would be ok to keep before serving them if you didn't freeze them?

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                a related thread with pics: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/551299

                I have kept mine for about 5 days without freezing it and they tasted fine. Though I am not at all sure about the health implications... 2 weeks later and I do not feel a thing, if that is any consolation.

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                Is it worth the drive from etobicoke?

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                  We have tons of choices in Etobicoke. At Rexdale and Kipling, there is Rexdale sweets. They have good samosas, 3 for $1.00. Ask them to mix the two types of chutney (red and green).

                  On airport Road, there is a strip mall with Sweet India. They have good samosas too, as do Asian Sweets in the same plaza.

                  At Albion and Islington, there's a grocery store/butcher with a hot foods counter. They have good veggie samosas for 3 for $1.00 and meat samosas for 2 for $1.00.

                  My favourite is the one located at rexdale and kipling.

              3. Thought no-one would ever ask!!! Several points to make, so first Samosas are 1 choice ---- potato, spicy only and 4 for $1, sadly the only flavour!!! Location is on Albion Road, one set of lights west of Hwy. 27, AT THE BACK of Unit 7!!! You also get a Slightly spicy, but sweet Tamarind sauce and/or a green chile/coriander sauce! Mostly, they make a wide variety of Indian sweets here, which you can ask for a variety!!! Indulge in the not connected, superb restaurant with specialty dishes or lunch buffet at Exotic Indian Cuisine, top notch, a ok, supurb!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  Exotic Indian is great but Chef of India at Eglinton and Yonge is better. Been to both many times.

                  If the samosas are the ones my wife brings home from work (Judging by the description of the place it is), they're fantastic.

                  I still like Sultan of Samosas better though.


                2. w

                  Middlefield & Finch in Scarborough 5 fo $1

                  1. Looking for cheap samosas in Little India. My usual place is Mistaan in North York but I need to go to a place that is closer to the event that I am attending.

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                      B&J Supermarket on Gerrard at Ashdale has decent samosas... 3/$1. Also, any of the street vendors have smaller, fresher ones, 2/$1

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                        Thanks again. This is what I picked up for today's picnic and they were gone in 10 minutes.

                        I will certainly purchase from B&J again. They were delicious.

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                          Oh my - in the Indian Bazaar you must go to Surati Sweet Mart and try their huge, delicious potato samosas. The best in the neighbourhood.

                    2. Samosa King - in the plaza on the northeast corner of Finch & Middlefield.
                      Vegetarian samosas - 5 for $1.00 Chicken samosas - 2 for $1.00
                      The price does not include the dipping sauce or tax. Prepare for a line-up.

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                        Embassy Samosa King...hands down the best samosas in Toronto and cheap, cheap cheap. Expect long line ups especially on Weekends. Great indian sweets too

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                          How long have they had chicken samosas at 2 for $1!? My biggest annoyance with Samosa King was that for a long time, the only way you could get meat samosas there was to order 50 at once. I stopped going because I don't like vegetarian samosas and I don't like having to get 50+ samosas.

                          I've been looking for a good place to get meat samosas in Scarborough, but I don't like the samosas at Sultan of Samosas (because of the size and the shell/wrapper), and I don't like the flakiness of the shell/wrapper and overall greasiness of Motimahal's samosas.

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                            Last time I was there (early May) they had the chicken samosas for takeout. I never saw them there before. Obviously they don't sell as many of these as the veg ones, so they were behind the server, not in the case. They were delicious, by the way.

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                              Ok, I went last night and got myself some of their chicken samosas. They were certainly tasty and they were probably worth the money. However, the filling was very potatoey. Again, it was tasty, but not exactly what I was looking for.

                              Ideally, I'd have a less greasy version of the filling from Motimahal's samosa inside a thinner version of the wrapper of a Samosa King samosa. =)

                        2. You can alternately go up to Brar Sweets at islington and albion. They're 4 for $1 and quite good. Also try their paneer pakoras...So amazing.

                          1. If you are in the North East end of Mississauga try A1 Catering on Tranmere (Dixie and Derry area). I have friends that drive from DT Toronto for these.

                            1. Best Samosa's in GTA are at Golden Grocer's in Oakville. Hand's down.

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                                where's this place in Oakville? I would love to try them.

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                                  It's on Kerr street in the same mall as the Organic Garage. They have a whole selection of Brar sweets too

                              2. Haven't tried it yet, but there's a new (new to me anyway) place in the plaza on Overlea Blvd. in Thorncliffe where Bamiyan is...it's called Sweets and Samosas...going to give it a try soon and I'll let you know what I find...

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                                  Can you tell me how much the samosas are and also provide your assessment of how you enjoyed these.

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                                    Perhaps not the absolute best in the city (and quite a bit different from some of the city's other offerings), but South Indian Dosa Mahal (Bloor & Clinton) serves up some of the cheapest samosas -- I believe 10 for $3.

                                    The filling is more of a creamy/saucy curry dish rather than a dry spice mix on potatoes & peas...and the pastry seems like a puff pastry instead of the usual. Different, but we do enjoy them!

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                                      Where I work, we have a constant "Battle of the Samosas" brought in by two different Indian co-workers. The best (as indicated by votes by staff at our recent pot-luck) is A-1 Samosas on Tranmere - as mentioned above. They are soooo delicious. With a wonderful tamarind sauce. The other Samosas that came in second is the one mentioned above on Albion Road. Still prefer A-1.

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                                        don't laugh, but imho a much better version of the samosa is made as a meat rissole at Brazilian Bakery, N side of Dundas a little past Brockton...to my tongue, anyway, the spicy meat filling is of the same genre as E Asian samosas, but a lot tastier - and the potato wraps around it. particularly good are the frozen ones you can bake (rather than deep fry) at home for yourself - they will sell you a dozen or more from the freezer if u ask them politely.