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Sep 1, 2001 05:58 AM

cambodian or malaysian food in seattle

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i am a fan of cambodian food and was wondering if anyone knows of a restaurant here.

also i have tried malay satay hut but was wondering if there were other malaysian places around.

thanks for your input.

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  1. This is the post that Matthew Amster Burton should be responding to... but since he's temporarily MIA.. I'll do it for him and put a pitch in for one of his favorite places .. the Malay Satay Hut (thanks to him, I checked it out too. It rocks).

    Matthew, are you on vacation? Or are you just busy in the kitchen cooking up some fantastic concoction that we will be reading about on your site? :)

    1. s
      Steve Landau

      Have you tried the Phnomh Penh Noodle House? It's on King St. in the I-District. Red awning on the north side of the street.

      I've only been there for lunch, but they make very tasty noodle soups.