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Jun 15, 2005 03:55 PM


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Hello everyone,

I am having a large backyard BBQ for my hubby's birthday and would like to purchase the large hot dogs and polish sausages that the hot dog vendors sell on their carts on street corners.

I've been told that these outlets are open to the public and was wondering where they are located. Toronto or Mississauge locations are both handy.


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  1. Please have someone verify this before going over but I believe there is one at Spadina and Richmond. East of Spadina, on the south side of Richmond.

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    1. re: alsiem

      Thank you Alsiem - I will check it out. Do you know the name of it?

      1. re: Dundrumgal

        Like I said, unless you are in the area get a second opinion. My memory is rusty and I don't remember walking by it in a year or so.

        Good luck! A place like costco would also be a venue to buy bulk meat.

        1. re: alsiem

          The place you're thinking of is Sky Vendor Supply
          at 409 Richmond St. West 416-593-1885.
          They are open to the public.

          1. re: Tina12

            There's also a hotdog vendor wholesaler (open to the public) at Richmond and Church.. on the south side of Richmond, about 100 metres east of Church.

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      Vinnie (Benny) Vidimangi

      European Meats, Kensington Market has a large and interesting selection. Call

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      1. re: Vinnie (Benny) Vidimangi

        There is also a location at Queensway and Kipling.

      2. You might consider Soloway's on Alness, the set of lights west of Dufferin, from Finch North almost to Steeles on the East, right side. Before being a supplier to Hot Dog Vendors, this was a quality wise 100% place to buy your hot dog wieners. They then had a variety of product for the Jewish clientale. Today, the Hot Dog Trade!!! There are many more personal statements to make, but time and space issues! For anyone who can remember Larry Solway the fantastic radio personality from decades ago, he was related to the original owners!!!!

        1. Hello everyone and thanks for your suggestions.

          Has anyone ever heard of one on the side street off King Street where the Holiday Inn is located? That would be closer to me if it does exist.

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          1. re: Dundrumgal

            Yes, I walk past it regularly. I forget the name but it's on a little street that runs north-south between John and Peter. You can get to it from Adelaide or King.

            1. re: Betty

              Yes, I just went by it and its called Champs and it says its open to the public.

            2. re: Dundrumgal

              Thanks everyone!!! I really appreciate your answers and suggestions.

              I'll try the one across from the Holiday Inn.

              Thanks again

            3. Hey ...
              This place has amazing hot dogs; great for a large crowd bar-b. I call them hot dogs; but they are actually a precooked Polish sausage.
              Better than what you get from the hot dog cart.
              Check it out.

              Enjoy Stewart